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#TODAY in Elanthia: [8:30pm: Clean-up at Icemule Trace TownCenter] ** [10pm: Silverwood Manor Open House for new and returning players] ** [Midnight: Fundraising Fun for Candidate Xorus-WL] ** [Vote for Mayor in the Landing from March 21-24. Your candidates: Faerinn, Leafiara, and Xorus] (All times Eastern)

Spring is Here! Stormwild Hall, Silvergate Inn and Sphere and Scythe are hosting a picnic on Sunday, march 22nd at 3pm to celebrate Spring in the garden east of the Inn’s courtyard. There will be food, fishing, fireworks, trivia, and prizes. Your LIVING pets are welcome to join you.

Go and join the Argent Mirror’s Handmaidens on Ta’Illistim’s North Green for refreshments, watercolor instruction, and discussion on Sunday, March 22nd at 11am.

Did you miss the Mayoral Debates? Xorus cleaned it up for us and it is at the wiki for you to enjoy. Questions. Answers. Comments from the Peanut Gallery. Just the Good Bits: http://bit.ly/2U9a1Np

The newest Town Square Central Podcast was released Sunday! Milax interviews Gamemaster Naijin with subjects including the locksmith pool, his work with combat maneuvers, some exciting archery updates, and mechanical vambraces. Listen now on your favorite Podcast App or directly at: http://bit.ly/2QjFgUT

GM Retser announces that the Night at the Academy quest will no longer have implosion-casting creatures, but they will use Grasp of the Grave instead. http://bit.ly/2TTXBKg
BELOW THE FOLD – As previously reported

On Saturday, March 21 at 6pm at Silvergate Inn, come embrace the pampering with mayoral candidate Leafiara. Unwind and relax with spa services that will leave you feeling refreshed and give you a chance to see the softer side of Leafiara.

A Likely Story, the traveling Book Merchant’s wagon, is making the rounds of all the cities! This week in Ta’Illistim, then in the Landing. There’s a new volume in it, by Nazaar! Note: shop carefully, there are many books, and no refunds. http://bit.ly/3d2BKrA

On the 17th at 10 PM, Ord and Dragan hosts its annual Green Spring Fling in the tent at Bay’s Watch East in the Landing! (Lich room 381.) Drop by for a night of fun, food, dance, and green spring attire!

Locksmithing Pool locations now open: NEW Sunday in Ta’Vaalor, at the dock area of King’s Court and Cysaegir through archway for locksmithery; in Ta’Illistim at the Pig and Whistle, at River’s Rest in a patched tent near the Commons, and at the Mist Harbor fountain in the Western Harbor. All these are new ones, in addition to the original at the East Tower in Wehnimer’s Landing. Release post: http://bit.ly/2uHGwtv

Friday night in the Landing, review the bullet points from Miss Leafi as the Manafires were set up to help eradicate the Blight. http://bit.ly/2QbmyPl

On Thursday March 19 at 8pm, Tinker Zherkal will be in the Teras Isle Adventurers’ Rest Foyer around 8pm EST to work for Isle residents and visitors. He will lighten or change the look of their armor for a modest fee.

On Thursday March 19 at 10am, Tinker Zherkal will be in the Teras Isle Adventurers’ Rest Foyer around 10am EST to work for Isle residents and visitors. He will lighten or change the look of their armor for a modest fee.

Did your kiddos get kept home from school and ruin all your plans for ‘telecommuting’? Teach them the joys of GemStone while improving their reading, typing, socializing, and critical thinking skills! Get the fam involved during the pandemic, people!

GM Quilic announces the March 2020 Premium Contest – Everything’s Better at the Beach! Deadline is the last day of the month to get this fun contest submitted! Read all about it: http://bit.ly/2Qfw6bV

There was a local weather advisory issued for Icemule Trace after an unusually strong blizzard descended upon the town on Friday. Gate guards reported the snow, winds, and ice were coming from all directions! Exercise caution, limit your exposure. It is expected to last at least through the weekend! Bundle up! http://bit.ly/39PXbud

To Icemule Citizens and Visitors: Please be advised that a small cleanup crew will be making short work of a minor matter and an old bit of litter in Town Center. The contracted carpenters will do their best not to trip you up – Monday, March 16, at 8:30pm. Hmmm! http://bit.ly/2TPLNc6

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! For info about the upcoming election and its three candidates, visit the gswiki 5120 Wehnimer’s Landing Mayoral Election page. http://bit.ly/3aPnKQb

Evonian, halfling cleric, capped on 12 March. Well done and congrats!! Level 100 … and counting!

Tuesday in the Landing: Magister Cordarius makes use of his magic mirror as Ysharra and Faerinn attempt to communicate with the blight. What does a withered tree have to say for itself? You’ll have to read on to find out: http://bit.ly/2Qcpmf1

On Tuesday March 17 at 10pm, Tinker Zherkal will be in the Teras Isle Adventurer’s Rest Foyer around 10pm EST to work on citizen’s shops. He will spin for 5 Shop Owners to change one thing about their shops.

Flirtations with Faerinn: Meet Lord Faerinn Greatsinger, mayoral race candidate, and get to know his goals, hopes and passion for the future of Wehnimer’s Landing. Be at Helga’s, Dining Hall, on Wednesday, March 18 at 10pm in Wehnimer’s Landing (Lich ID: 8858).

Join the Order of the Shadow on Monday, March 16th at midnight to raise funds (and possibly hell) for Mayoral Candidate, Xorus! They will be offering the chance to sacrifice a number of their members – including former mayor Crux, and current mayor Lylia – in exchange for pledges! Meet at Black Void, Orchard — Lich room #28304 http://bit.ly/39JlHNF

LostRanger updated the ;foreach script! Have you tried it? It will change the game for you. It makes inventory management and repetive actions a breeze!. Read LostRanger’s guide for quick commands at the link provided at the end. Use ;foreach help for more examples. http://bit.ly/2WzhzZV

Moaskoan suggested we make the ratings on the ;repository useful by rating our favorite Lich scripts. How? It’s so easy: ;repository rate scriptname.lic where is 1-10. Which ones are you rating?

It is time for this month’s reminder to MARK and REGISTER things which are expensive, cherished, recently worked on, or cannot be easily replaced. Especially your containers, since they hold your special stuff! This PSA is brought to you by Kyaloria! Ask her for the story why it is important! (If you or your group would like to sponsor the April reminder, please contact Luxelle.)

Calling all rangers: take the first and second half of the TownCrier Ranger Survey and get your feedback directly in front of development GMs. You have until March 23, but don’t wait! http://bit.ly/3a6cX3I

**Upcoming Major Event Dates: [Mar 21-24: Wehnimer’s Votes for Mayor] ** [March 27-April 5: Briarmoon Cove] ** [Apr: Rings of Lumnis] ** [June 5-7: Festival of Lumnea] ** [June: Rumor Woods] ** [Aug 6-9: SimuCon in St. Louis] ** [Aug: Duskruin]

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