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#TODAY in Elanthia: [24/7: Rumor Woods (’til Tuesday Midnight)] ** [8pm: Yriwyn offers WPS to River’s Rest Citizens] ** [10pm: Zherkal offers WPS to Teras Citizens] (All times Eastern)

Wyrom posted an important announcement Sunday, “Racial Tension in Elanthia” as an official response to the discussion currently going on about restrictions based on our fantasy races. I think it is required reading, folks. https://bit.ly/3eMiW0o

Auntie H extends Rumor Woods to the end of the month! It will close Tuesday at 11:50pm, June 30. The Simucoin Store items will not be sold after Sunday night, though. Plan accordingly. https://bit.ly/31pfp4h

GM Estild announces that Rumor Woods Titles for jousting now only require 500 wins. Plus, you can now mount during combat. (Until something attacks you again.) Read the post for details: https://bit.ly/3ibklj9

Shop Update from Auntie H: The Irons in the Fire shop is just about to open with branding irons for your horses. Read the message for all the location options and style options: https://bit.ly/2BiVRUz

Learn to send in the best news to the TownCrier. Join Newsby and Team members for tips about how to submit headlines to the TownCrier for the highest impact. Whether you like to share tips and news or a representative from a player run organization, pick up on the secrets of well-crafted news blurbs! See you Tuesday evening, June 30, 7pm at Miss Newsby’s table at the Raging Threk Inn in the Landing. Bring a potential submission with you, we’ll work on it together for you!
BELOW THE FOLD – As previously reported

Get your votes ready, folks, for every day of the new month at TopMudSites for GemStone! Let’s remind everyone what the best game is. Use ;autovote with ;autostart and never forget. Lich will remember to vote for you every 13 hours. If 100 people voted 2x a day, we’d beat *all* the other games. We CAN do this, peeps! This PSA Sponsored by Maylan. http://www.topmudsites.com/vote-gemstone.html

A Likely Story, the book wagon, rolled into Ta’Illistim with a brand new title, The Immortal Company by Capell, transcribed and illustrated by Phanna Green. Pick up this new one and 4 other limited edition books at the traveling shop. https://bit.ly/3eGCWkS

A dialogue has been started on the officials by Treeva’s player to discuss the Elven exclusivity during roleplay in Ta’Illistim. If you have a feeling about it, you may want to read over it and weigh in, too: https://bit.ly/2CGnAPg

On Thursday July 2 at 9pm, join GameMaster Auchand and his ninety-nine man ragtime band in the Icemule Trace Meeting Pavilion for another OOC meeting to discuss current and upcoming developments for Icemule Trace.

Join the Seers of The Order of the Sphere and Scythe on Tuesday, June 30th at 9pm in Wehnimers Landing at the Sphere and Scythe’s Vision Room. It is here that they will provide glimpses of the past, present, and future for individuals who seek answers. Come out and enjoy refreshments and spiritual awakenings.

Beers – and WPS – at the Bluerock: Populento will be offering Weighting, Padding, or Sighting on gear for Zul Logoth citizens on Thursday, July 2, at 9pm. Up to 25 citizens will be selected to receive his work, and they will be eligible to choose up to 10 services on a single item. There’s more rules about this event on the GS Calendar. Read them! http://bit.ly/22574KX

The TownCrier’s paladin survey has concluded! The public summary and charts will take time, but meanwhile, if you’d like to read through our participants’ written answers (and only the written answers), you can find part 1 here: https://bit.ly/3i8NdbG and part 2 here: https://bit.ly/385b7QN

GM Oscuro updates those old ogres to be part of the Basic Critter System. They have new tricks, new messaging. So while the ogres are cheering, ogre hunters may want to watch out! Ogres OP! https://bit.ly/2Cy8hIn

Somewhere around the 23rd of June, one of our fellow adventurers capped and wishes to remain anonymous. I don’t know the date, or the time, what class or even if they are male or female. So, to our anonymous capped person. Congratulations! This Instagram is for you! https://www.instagram.com/p/CB4u8YZJUDV/

Draw the Blooms of Summer! You’ve made it to the other side of Rumor Woods so now what? Try recharging your appreciation of nature by drawing it with the Caeruil Atelier on Tuesday, June 30 at 9pm in Ta’Illistim’s Veythorne Manor by the Glowbark Tree (13424). No experience necessary, art supplies will be provided. Come appreciate nature and the flowers of Ta’Illistim like it was meant to be – without worrying about secret foxes hiding behind every corner. https://bit.ly/3eDytje

GM Oscuro announced that Mind over Body (Spell 1213) received a small update. It will save fractions of stamina savings to apply to future stamina-costing abilities. He goes on to break this math word problem into actual details on the Officials: https://bit.ly/383mUPB

Once a month reminder: back up your GemStone data somewhere safe! For StormFront settings; here’s how: http://bit.ly/2FadiqZ and then back up your Lich folder by copying it somewhere safe. If you’re using auto-back-up software, make sure your lich location is included. Or do it the easy way with ;jbackup This month’s backup reminder brought to you by Peam!

On Monday June 29 at 8pm, Yriwyn will offer Weight/Pad/Sighting services to citizens of River’s Rest in the Town Commons. This merchant has special RULES you should READ on the calendar item at http://bit.ly/22574KX http://bit.ly/22574KX

On Monday June 29 at 10pm, Zherkal will be offering Weight/Pad/Sighting services to citizens of Teras Isle in the Adventurer’s Rest Foyer. This merchant has special RULES you should READ on the calendar item at http://bit.ly/22574KX http://bit.ly/22574KX

Wyrom brought the sad news to us on Tuesday that GM Skhorne has passed away and wrote, “He truly loved being a GameMaster for GemStone IV and playing Platinum. Elanthia will be a little dimmer without him. Our condolences to his friends and family.” Alas. 🙁 https://bit.ly/2B2EVS8

Faerinn tucks a note into the “Sorry, you were Trapped inside of a Bane coffin” card for Councilman Cordarius. You gotta read this. https://bit.ly/3dsMYF0

GM Oscuro updates Ranger Tracking with 3 changes involving Companion Tracking, Grizzled Creature tracking, in case it tries to flee from you, and a new AREA option for Track to find all the creatures who might normally be there! Read all about this: https://bit.ly/2YrXHuW

GM Oscuro gave the LUMNIS INFO command some love! This is a great Quality of Life improvement. It gives you more info to tell you how much experience is left on your Gift of Lumnis, and when you used a LUMNIS SCHEDULE https://bit.ly/2B66kmc

GM Oscuro has news for your skinning dagger/knife. Seems daggers did not used to give as high a skinning bonus – but he fixed it now! They are all equal! https://bit.ly/2AUNeQ3

QST is back starting Thursday, July 2 for a bit: on Thursdays at 8pm and Sundays at 3pm. It will always start at Greth’s Bar (The Stumbling Pebble Bar II). Follow the link at the end to GM Quilic’s mini vignette introduction. It’s the Summer season of Premium’s favorite storyline, QST Redux: Equilibrium. Remembrance. Restitution. Reckoning. Post: https://bit.ly/37U5g0U Title Image at Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CBxIy28J56M/

*Reschuled* On Tuesday June 30 at 9pm, join Grawlix in the Ta’Illistim Crafter’s Courtyard for a chance at Weight/Pad/Sighting services. This merchant has special RULES you should READ on the calendar item at http://bit.ly/22574KX http://bit.ly/22574KX

After 20 years, Demicone hit Level 100 while sitting at the Dragonspire on Teras Isle he says, “Now the grind begins.” Well done, Demicone! Here’s something you can share/frame: https://www.instagram.com/p/CBxH32EJf6-/

GM Retser announces some Mount Travel Updates, effective immediately. The cost of the unlock for MOUNT TRAVEL HUNTING has been reduced to 25,000 raihken. If you already purchased at the higher price, please assist. There are also 3 new hunting ground options and a new command that lets you ride back to town with MOUNT TRAVEL TOWN RETURN. Read all the details at the Officials: https://bit.ly/3dnv46t

On Tuesday June 30 at 9pm, Tinker Zherkal will be in the Adventurers’ Rest Foyer to work for Teras Isle residents and visitors. He will lighten or change the look of their weapons for a modest fee.

On Tuesday June 30 at 8am, Tinker Zherkal will be in the Adventurers’ Rest Foyer to work for Teras Isle residents and visitors. He will lighten or change the look of their weapons for a modest fee.

**Upcoming Major Event Dates: [July 2: Quilic Story Time on FWI (QST) Begins Thursdays/Sundays (Premium)] ** [July 11-12: FashionFest 5120] ** [July 13-15, and 24th: Bardfest] ** [July 24-31: Premium Festival] ** [Around Aug 14: Duskruin begins]

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