• Tuesday, March 31, 2020, in GemStone IV

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    We have all the news that’s fit to share today for you! Here’s a carefully curated set of leading headlines from major GS news sources and tips by the TownCrier team. Send news and tips in via the handy web form at: – We archive previous news items here at our home web site:

    #TODAY in Elanthia: [5:30pm: Xerria’s Really Rare Raffle-FWI] ** [9pm: The TownCrier Presents: Gold Ring over Vipershroud for Young Adventurers-WL] ** [After 11pm: The Albatross Leaves] ** [11:55pm: SimuCoin Shop Sale ends] (All times Eastern)

    Wyrom issued a State of Elanthia for April. 15% exp boost, Feeder Frenzy Fridays, Smithy Weekends stay through April. March saw over 400 new accounts and almost 300 reactivations from the current promo. Sunday’s simultaneous users: almost 900. April is Roleplaying Month, which just got better. Nominate it when you see it! Giftboxes every other week begin Apr 8, Rings of Lumnis: end of April. Plus more things that the GS Staff is planning for us, read:

    Are you of a level where you risk life and/or limb trying to get to the cart to Zul Logoth? The TownCrier team remembers it well. The tree, the swamp, the Sssssnakes, the ferry, the rope bridges, and bandits or critters along the way. You can use a gold ring and whisk yourself over all those perils in the blink of an eye. Come to Helga’s Dining Room in the Landing tonight at 9pm, and score a gold teleport ring that is pre-set to poof you over all the dangers! Look for Newsby and Luxelle. We’ll teach you how to use the rings, too! Seeya!

    Wyrom Quote from Discord: GemStone has been seeing an additional 400 daily average users currently. Wow! Welcome home, everyone!

    Don’t forget the sale ends in the SimuCoin shop on Tuesday at 11:55pm, and we are pretty sure the Conch Shell Unlocks disappear at the same time!

    There’s a new podcast, Episode 13, ‘Shining, Shimmering, Splendid’, with SGM Retser. He speaks with Milax about creating cool items, building Reim, running Icemule, and his Super Secret Exciting Project.

    GM Lydil wraps Merchantpalooza weekend by the numbers! 75 Merchants, 1300+ services provided, taking over 7300 minutes (121 hours) in every town.

    The Official GemStone Discord Channel has traffic from Mentors, Gamemasters, Lich experts, script authors, and many players. They’re waiting for you! I’d recommend the small little Desktop App over the web interface. This tip is from Hellion. Here’s your invite so you will not miss a thing:

    House Sovyn is hosting an evening of darts on Saturday, April 4th at 9pm. All skills levels welcome and extra darts will be available. Please meet in the Sovyn courtyard (Lich room #8754).

    The Locksmithing Pool arrived in Zul Logoth. Look for a shady looking dwarf hanging around the Emerald Tunnel near Mraent Cavern.
    BELOW THE FOLD – As previously reported

    Ulryka found a valuable weapon container, identify it when you contact Ulryka if it is yours.

    Get your votes ready, folks, for every day of the new month at TopMudSites for GemStone! Let’s remind everyone what the best game is. Use ;autovote with ;autostart and never forget. Lich will remember to vote for you every 13 hours. If 100 people voted 2x a day, we’d beat *all* the other games. We CAN do this, peeps! This PSA Sponsored by Milax and the Town Square Central Podcast

    The Ebon Gates of Lorminstra are back on Twitter – sharing your glorious deaths with the world! Look them up:

    Congratulations to Ktovashy for becoming a Rogue Grandmaster! His dedication to the guild is inspiring to locksmiths and thieves around Elanthia. Well done!

    The three new statues for Ta’Illistim and Cysaegir have been selected! The Jaston Statue by Vehiel Nellereune Illistim,The Fash’lo’nae statue by Raelee, and The Linsandrych Illistem statue by Jossarian Silithyr. Congratulations to everyone!

    SimuCon 2020 has been canceled. Non-Attendee goodie bags will still be offered to use to fund SimuCon 2021. They are looking into live streaming for some RoundTables and State of Elanthia. All the details at:

    Celebrate the Day of Zelia’s Warning with the Order of the Shadow at their 2nd Annual Zelian Cotillion on Wednesday, April 1st at 11pm. Dress to impress by donning your best costume of someone else!

    On Tuesday March 31 at 5:30pm, Xerria will be holding a Really Rare Raffle in the Merchant Lounge of Firefly Villa. To learn more about Xerria’s raffles, visit her wiki page at

    We extend our most grateful thanks to Mayor Lylia for her leadership and service to the people and adventurers of the Landing these last two years. Best wishes in her next endeavor, which I sure hopes involves a period of drama-less rest!

    #SpringRenewal release of the Silvers run of Delirium Manor starts Friday at 9pm. Top Zombie Wyrom has some details for how it is going to work for silver entries in a post Wednesday night.100k per entry. You’ll find tickets or items as you search. There might be a little bit of exp and fame when you find things, too! There are three feeders for it. Read all the details in his post:

    Watch here for event news: Permafier Obelisk will be on the Grounds: 2: Wyrom leaves a list of Jackpot Teasers at: Additions to the Prize Wall Shops: and more Prize Updates and Info:

    Weather alerts have been issued for Teras, Solhaven, and for all parts from Glatoph northwards. Use extreme caution: Imperial alert: and the Icemule advisory:

    GM Naijin asks for your feedback from the Archery Update proposal. You can read it from his link in the message and respond to it at the Forums:

    A Town Crier announced the results of the Landing Mayor’s Race, “Xorus came in with 18 votes! Faerinn with 40! …and the new Mayor is Leafiara with 126 votes!” Congratulations Miss Leafiara!

    GM Haliste announced a fix for treasure sacks and x/day items. You will not be able to stow them until they are off cooldown.

    When you log in each day, you stack up your login rewards, which you can see listed in the BOOST INFO command. Use them, folks! This month’s sponsor is Ardwen, ask him which is his favorite boost. For an excellent de-mystification of them, be sure to check the wiki:

    Wyrom has SimuCoin Shop news! Two new long-term enhancive potions will last 360 days at a time so you don’t have to keep clicking to buy multiples. Plus they are on sale now with updated pricing. The regular enhancive potions have new pricing and clarification in the store how long they will last. Special Monthly Unlocks for March: The conch shell from Spitfire 2015 with two unlock tiers on sale. All live by 8pm tonight. Read all about it at:

    **Upcoming Major Event Dates: [March 27-April 12: Delirium Manor] ** [End of April: Rings of Lumnis] ** [June 5-7: Festival of Lumnea] ** [June: Rumor Woods] ** [Aug: Duskruin]

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