Windfellow's Retreat

The 2019 Premium Festival Album

Mist Harbor, 5119

An incredible new venue introduced us to new friends, fresh wares, and enticing adventures.  

no dread

Playing with the gargoyles at Windfellow’s Retreat was a real treat! So many of us enjoyed walks and talks through the grounds with them and the Dread Lord, who was really not so dreadful. What fun to gather for games and folly where being naughty and turned to stone was the greatest injury.


found again

One evening they gathered us together hoping to find a companion for their master. Hilarity ensued! Despite our efforts, it seems as though Rorthen fell instead for the lovely seamstress Marseille. We licked our wounds by shopping for fantastic items at Collarly Love and The Jolly Geode.

~ Leifa


Rawkfault the gargoyle sweetly put up with Juspera’s attempts to turn him against his master — as well as hand over his own body parts for inspection — for at least half an hour, displaying what was probably the most patience anyone had ever managed toward Juspera in her entire life. Impressive. 



Amidst the many new and wonderful things, an old favorite shined too: Variable Expression portrait lockets! There’s nothing like sitting in on an attuning session and watching as couples light up over experiencing their lockets together for the first time.

~ Leafiara

wonderfully warm

Gargoyle hugs are PERFECT. How could anyone not like: “Rawkfault pulls you close to him with his stony arms and envelops you with his spindly grey wings.” I’m a little sad Aelotoi wings can’t do the same, but then Gargoyle hugs wouldn’t be so special. I had no clue at the start just how attached I would get to a gargoyle, but these are wonderfully warm for creatures made of stone. 


rock on!

So. Many. Things!  Absolutely LOVEDLOVEDLOVED all the interactions with the gargoyles, especially Rawkfault and Phosphylite!

♥ ♥ ♥

wins & spins

The two moments that stand out for me are Dayzed winning the signature verb raffle and Nodyre winning the restricted enchantment raffle. The 9 million silver price tag for the enchantment was a bit of a sticker shock, though!

~ Nodyre / Dayzed

secret shopper

I just want to say it was!

~ Anon

Rahb recites shrilly:

“As for beauty Polveiss is no star,
There are others much more handsome by far.
But his face – he don’t mind it,
For he is behind it,
It’s the people in front that he jars.”

“Beldannon once jumped off a high wall,
And had a most terrible fall.
He went back to bed,
With a bump on his head,
And he’s why you don’t jump off a wall!”


Rahb was a great merchant, he fixed as many broken lockpicks as people brought, and when he got bored he would lighten things, deepen things, and tell jokes and rhymes, which I loved!



The only disappointment was that there were not more days. What a brilliant festival venue debut!

Next year cannot come too soon.

~ Luxelle



Newsby is the main anchor for the TownCrier channel on Lich. She does not adventure, she is a townsperson and completed her apprenticeship for the news desk in 2017.