Here’s how and where you can spend seashells at Ebon Gate


  • The Abyss – room 28549 – 100 seashells
  • The Necropolis: ;go2 necropolis – 25 seashells
  • Competition High Diving: Room 27536 – 50 seashells
  • Fishing: 50 seashells
  • The Permifier: Seashell Obelisk: Room 26523; Tickets Obelisk at Room 26460


  • Auto-Flarer at Flares of Interest Room 27486 – add flares (with the right token you bring in) and don’t forget the custom flare messaging
  • Betterment Boutique: Room 27480 – New Features for 50 seashells
  • Favored Few: Room 27581 – Magic imbeds for 15 seashells each
  • The Ramshackle Hen House – Henphelia’s Love Shack: Room 26511 – Plumed Do-Hickeys for 15 seashells. Then Get the Hair Do-Hickeys unlocked without a merchant at the Jangling Junker room: 28558 on the barrels

At the Jangling Junker – everything here is purchased with seashells – Room 28557

Junker things for sale:

  • Prayer Beads
  • Enhancive hider
  • Discreet containers
  • scripted cloak that holds huge amount
  • Ribbonator 2000
  • Nalfein Black Rose Deck
  • enhancive pin
  • Fusion armor (1,2, and 3 slots, shop/look carefully)
  • scripted speciality containers
  • weapon displayers
  • illusion props (hands)
  • Daxella Jewelry Boxes
  • Spell Customizations
  • Spell preps
  • Dragon egg toys
  • Tonsorial Tricks merchandise
  • Stylized Edge Weapons
  • Permanent potions to change your beard, 8-ball
  • Enhancive skinning knife
  • A tent
  • Hair bauble
  • 50 and 100 count ingredient jars

Junker SimuCoin Items:

  • Reim Entries
  • Reim Goggles
  • Encumbrance potion
  • Quest Entry
  • Spell up pills
  • Urchin Guides

Plus Unlock Certificates at the Junker for:

  • Globus Elanthias Runestaff from … Once From A Soul
  • Dragonfly Festival Saephua and clothing from Wingsong Shop
  • Of the Faith unlocks from Of the Cloth shop
  • Hair Bauble unlocks
  • Plumed Hair Do-Hickey Unlocks from Henphelia’s Love Shack
  • Tonsorial Tricks unlocks
  • Ribbonator 2000 unlocks
  • Evicerating Knife Unlocks
  • Nalfein Back Rose Deck unlocks

Do you need more seashells?

  • Turn any of your Caligos Isle tokens in to the attendant at the Treasure Trove for Seashells
  • Win/Earn them at the Arena of the Abyss (by selling your token/s)
  • Fishing, Digging at the Beach
  • Playing mini Games
  • And doing Deep Sea Diving

Or, you know, get your seashells the old fashioned way. Have Daddy buy you some.



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