From Feb 7 9pm til Feb 23, 2020; shopping extended to Feb 25, noon.

Arena, Sewers, and Heist to close Midnight Feb 23. Shops, Hess, and Smithy to remain open until Noon on Tuesdays, Feb 25th.

Duskruin Resources

The Buyer’s Choice Shopping Guide:

Duskruin Arena at wiki: watch there for shop links, HESS info, Treasure Trove info, and more as the event continues.

Email on Jan 31 officially announced the dates: Feb 7-23, 2020, the email on opening day summarized some of the changes.

Feb 2020 Duskruin News

  • Wyrom previews changes to Duskruin Arena that will begin with the Feb 2020 run. He proposes doing away with the timer and the traps, and making the difficulty ramp up the longer you take.
  • UPDATE on final Duskruin Changes from Wyrom, Feb 1, 2020: Overall: prize items are part of a pool for all activities. RPA Orbs have adjusted tracking and drop rate. Arena: timer gone; the longer you take, the harder the critters get, including crit immunity and more health. PRAY changed. Hazards gone. Sewers: bloodscrip caches adjusted upwards, rat chances significantly increased with scent. Heist: Artifact sell-back values adjusted. More details in his post:
  • Wyrom gives Bloodscrip formula and what happens if you take longer than 8 minutes as the first night of Duskruin gets  underway.
  • Sewer cache floor increased from 2,400 to 3,000 on caches.
  • In the sewers, the chance to find an expander is 33% more likely
  • At the Heist, the odds of finding a blood crystal has doubled
  • Bloodrune Holder Updated: The dodecahedron had a face lift with some of its feature messaging. To be updated Friday, and all current owners will automatically receive the update on theirs!
  • Treasure Trove – Once a day in the evening, with a T6 (Jackpot) item, from Feb 13-23. Wryom added (Feb 5) that Trove wins will be one per account for the duration of the event.
    • There will be a Belt of Kai in the Trove.
    • Look for a brand new +spell rank enhancive, which will require at least 30 spell ranks in the same circle you choose.
  • Spellbound getting refreshed inventory. Here’s Estild’s call for Spellbound item requests.
  • Other Spellbound news: for the +enchanting skill potions, there are 2 versions. “A wispy orange brew” is the old version, which only comes with 1 dose and works on both new and old style enchanting. The “viscous opalescent brew” is the new version, which comes with 5 doses and only works on new style enchanting. This information is noted on the note in Spellbound. Read All The Signage!
  • High End Scrip Shop Preview, HESS, from the Officials.
  • Wyrom posts the new HESS Returns and Exchanges policy at Duskruin. Shop Carefully! There’s now going to be a re-stocking fee of 1000 bloodscrip. Read his message at the Officials.
  • Wyrom reveals the new PRAY mechanics for the Arena.PRAY will boost your mana and stamina, randomly, between 75-100 (increased 8 Feb, per Wyrom). 3 PRAY commands are ‘free’ but starting with the 4th one, the critter difficulty begins to go up. And the 5th one will come at a cost of half your spirit and random wounds. That 4th one also has a slight chance of a demon being summoned! OH MY!
  • Wyrom’s Saturday Arena adjustment: three prayers is equal to roughly five prayers on the lowest end comparing the old arena to the new arena. As long as you haven’t advanced the difficulty, you can do a 4th prayer as well without dealing with random damage (or demons).
  • Team Matches get 3 PRAY commands, plus 1 per extra teammate shared among the members of the team. A 3-person team would have 5 PRAY commands before penalties kick in.
  • Wyrom added messaging alerting you when you use your last PRAY command before it gets more difficult. If you are past the 8 minute mark, you go straight to the maelstrom hitting the arena.
  • Duskruin Arena Team Matches Update from Arena Overlord Wyrom – Earn more Bloodscrip for Duos and even more for Trios!
  • GM Thandiwe updates us at the officials with the number of unlocks being stocked at the upcoming Duskruin for Shield Capes at Shield Thyself and Nebular/Solar Weapon at the Penitent Petitioner.
  • The High End Scrip Shop – HESS, will open Friday evening, Feb 7, around 10pm, unless Wyrom runs into a snag.
  • Compartmentalized Quiver news from GM Avaluka: the scaling prices are gone for all the unlocks! She lists the limits for the shop, and the pricing. It will all be at Bundle Up in Bloodriven Village.
  • GM Haliste announces the last hurrah for the shop, Dark and Dangerous, at this Duskruin.
  • GM Naijin adds TWC Unlock to the Vambrace Yourself Shop – Feb 12, 2020
  • Duskruin Overlord Wyrom decrees that the Rat Catcher in the Sewer will buy rats for 100 bloodscrip when you hand him just the rat. DROP the sack in the sewer to get rid of it. He notes that the rats were misbehaving in parts, and tried to fix that. If you notice anything odd, he asks you reply on the Officials or use BUGITEM.
  • GM Estild reminds everyone that the Duskruin shop, Spellbound, is almost always refreshed with each run. Which means there is never any kind of guarantee any spell or inventory item will return. If you see something you want, get it while the getting is good!
  • Sigil Staff updates were announced by GM Estild
  • Quilic answered more questions about Karma Armor

Shenanigans with Wyrom

  • Shenanigans: Wyrom said on Discord for everyone not to miss Feb 23. (Discord link defaults to your web browser, if you use the Discord App copy and paste the link into the app for Wyrom’s post.)

New Items Debuting at Duskruin Feb 2020

  • GM Estild announces two new offerings in the HESS: a tuning fork that will boost the enchantment on sonic gear, and a brand new enhancive for Spell Ranks. Read all about it at the forums.
  • GM Naijin brings us Mechanical Cartridge Vambraces, details at the Officials.
  • GM Tivvy has a thingie to cut designs into small statues, blue crystals, etc. Details at Forums. The shop is called Make Your Mark, and is the tower in room 26876.
  • GM Quilic has a new line of armor: “What Goes Around” is the shop that will sell the armor. His teasing clue. Details at: and It’s the shed in room 26886
  • Karma Armor is the name of GM Quilic’s new line of armor, and we have more details about it. It’s all soft/leather armor, remember. Here’s his explanation how the armor works. Here’s his FAQ for Karma Armor.
  • GM Thandiwe adds matching overcoat to the Plague Mask collection at the Sable Quietus shop in Bloodriven Village.
  • Mana-Infused Armor Preview from GM Estild, details at the Officials. Look for more details, including ensorcell and enchant penalties, along with the pricing in this newer post at the officials. Buy it in the Sigil Shop, the building in room 26877
  • Jorshan’s Twin Weapons line of TWC weapons announced by GM Retser – 4x with flares, additional advantages and effects. Read more about them, including pricing, availability, and tier info. They probably will not be released at the beginning of Duskruin, so watch for an announcement of the opening of this shop. Retser added the enchant and ensorcel penalties in an additional post. Look for the airship in room 26863.
  • GM Retser expands the Parasite Weapon offerings this Duskruin Season with certificates to change the flares and certificates to change the weapon base. There will be regular and exotic (Disintegrate, Disruption, Unbalance, Grapple, Acid, Void, Plasma) flares.
  • GM Sindin expands FancyBooks with 2 new verbs for a new Tier 4.
  • There’s a new shop of culturally named weapons at Cultural Cuts. Look for the grey tent in roo 26863
  • Out of the Bleak has bleakstones and other Bleakland themed items.It is the black tent in room 26863

New Shops at Bloodriven Village:

    • Make Your Mark – mark treasure system magic items, in the tower in room 26876
    • What Goes Around – Karma Armor from GM Quilic, in the shed in room 26886
    • Mana-Infused armor is at the Sigil Shop, the building in room 26877
    • On the Other Hand, with Jorshan’s Twin Weapons in the airship in room 26863
    • Cultural Cuts has specialty weapons of various cultures in the grey tent in room 26863
    • Out of the Bleak has a line of bleakstone items and other Bleaklands …. goods, in the black tent in room 26863
    • Vambrace yourself with those new Mechanical Cartridge Vambraces is in room 26838, in the ironwood wagon

We’ll keep this list up to date with the info and links for you.



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