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#TODAY in Elanthia: [5pm-Midnight: Guild Night] ** [5:58pm: Premium Transport Messaging Raffle] ** [7pm: Xerria Unlocks for Premium-FWI] ** [9pm: Wyrom’s Big (Bring ALL the Seashells) Jackpot Pull-EG] ** [11:55pm: Ebon Gate Items Get Removed from SimuCoin Shop] (All times in Newsfeed are Eastern.)

If on Guild Night you wish to go, through an Ebon Gate – then don’t you know,your skills will suffer, and with every dig entry, your pockets will be just a little more empty! (The moral is: Get to the Guild!) This GUILD NIGHT Ditty from Soliere

Frontier Days in the Landing runs November 4-10. This week-long free celebration in the Landing usually includes shops, raffles, mini-games, and many special events, some which are only seen once a year, including Lauding The Landing (Mon) and the Dame Wanton Memorial Tournament (Sun). In lucky years, sometimes we’ll see Dragonbones, or a gambling ship. There is no cost for entrance or events. Celebrate our roots! Here’s the schedule: http://bit.ly/36q1afM

Xerria will unlock from her usual list TODAY at 7pm at the Firefly Villa Merchant Lounge at Four Winds Isle. She posted Tuesday night at the Officials: http://bit.ly/2Pu6YPh See the Wiki for the items she can unlock: http://bit.ly/2vLkZ2F

Xerria’s October Really Rare Raffle for special unlocks will take place on Thursday, October 31 at 5:30pm at the Firefly Villa Merchant Lounge at Four Winds Isle. She posted Tuesday night at the Officials: http://bit.ly/2Pu6YPh See the Wiki for the items she can unlock at this special raffle: http://bit.ly/2vLkZ2F

Check list to do before Ebon Gate Closes (1) Get Your Carousel Charged (2) Finish your Favor – you need 3000 (3) Get your Bracelet (Room 26556, 300,000 silvers) (4) Finish Your Shopping (5) Do Your Permifying (6) Use those Flare Tokens (7) Mark & register your new things, especially anything you had work done on (8) Run ;invdb on ALL your characters so you don’t forget where you put new stuff – did we forget anything? https://www.instagram.com/p/B4O24Nqhviq/

Lady Luxelle, Miss Leafi, and the TownCrier Team invite you to the Wehnimer’s Landing Treehouse on Monday, November 4th at 10pm where we’re going to kick off Frontier Days with “Lauding the Landing”! Everyone is invited to attend share your thoughts on what the Landing and its people mean to you.

Got Seashells? Here’s a quick reference article about where to spend your seashells the last week of Ebon Gate. And where you can earn them! http://bit.ly/32OCrzo
BELOW THE FOLD – As previously reported

Dread Lord Wyrom reminds everyone the deadline to buy Ebon Gate Related purchases from the SimuCoin Shop is Wednesday, October 30 at 11:55pm. Ebon Gate will be open until Thursday, October 31 at 11:50pm. http://bit.ly/32XMBxU

GM Kynlee set out a raffle for custom FWI Transporter messaging! Look at Oleander Crossing in Mist Harbor (Room 3657) for the raffle table. It will cost 50,000 silvers and draw on Wednesday at 5:59pm. Be sure to read the rest of the important information on the ticket before you buy it.

Jahadeem put together your stat submissions for Ebon Gate Mini Games and Digging. View the compiled stats thus far at: http://bit.ly/2PmVOvC <– If you have not submitted yours, there is a link at the top of that page where you can copy paste ;tdig stats and ;tgames stats

Are you ready to vote every day of the new month at TopMudSites for GemStone? Get your votes ready, folks and let’s remind them what the best game is! Use ;autovote & ;autostart to add autovote. Lich will remember to vote for you every 13 hours. If 100 people voted 2x a day, we’d beat *all* the other games. We CAN do this, peeps! Install it right now and you never have to remember to CLICKITY! http://www.topmudsites.com/vote-gemstone.html

The Shopping Guide for this Ebon Gate Festival is in one complete list at the TownCrier web site now, complete with the second edition additions you suggested this week. Now wth a few fresh nominations updated late Saturday night: http://bit.ly/2obE0Z4

It’s Magic! White Haven’s Ice Pond has a pumpkin patch. Come get your very own hand carved or plain pumpkin! It’s free to all adventurers just in time for Eve of the Reunion! (Go to #3410, go pond. Remember to GET VINE) http://housewhitehaven.weebly.com/

Do not forget to get your Carousel from the previous Ebon Gate Venue recharged on Caligos Isle by the Incanter! He roams around.

Please take a moment while it is fresh in your mind to contribute to this year’s Ebon Gate Album. The merchant who went out of their way, the kind person who paid for the entire room. That roleplayed encounter you will never forget. The special item you picked up that is to RAVE over. Someone who was sweet, helpful, or impressed you! Add it to the scrapbook quickly from this web page: http://bit.ly/2JouBVA View Last year’s Album at: http://bit.ly/2OR1D0o

How many services did you receive at Ebon Gate? Keep track of the tally with the command: QUEST MERCHANT EBON Remember that embeddings will probably count each one you have done. This late-breaking tip for Ebon Gate provided by Bakira. Thanks!

Brave Sir Wonkus would like to remind you that the ROLEPLAY NOMINATE verb exists. Give the great RPers an incentive to keep being great. It costs nothing and gives recognition to those who have it coming! Remember to use it EARLY in your encounter, so the GM responding to it can witness and reward it!

The Xerria 2020 Requests lists has started at the Officials – go make your request now for items you would like to be unlocked at this monthly Premium service! http://bit.ly/31LFuan

Dread Lord Wyrom schedules The Great Jackpot Prize Pulls for Wednesday, October 30 around 9pm. He is thinking of 2 pulls, one for 100,000 seashells for weapons, armor, magic items, and fluff, with a second one or 300,000 seashells for the big ticket items. http://bit.ly/365JUfq

Dread Lord Wyrom makes a post at the Officials, and I quote him: “…we will likely be making some sweeping changes to Ebon Gate in 2020…expect revamping to the majority of gaming activities, length of time of the active portions of the event, and changes to what all goes into our feeders.” He’s been listening to our feedback as the festival has progressed. http://bit.ly/32Labhe

When you log in each day, you stack up your login rewards, which you can see listed in the BOOST INFO command. Use them, folks! For an excellent de-mystification of them, be sure to check the wiki: http://bit.ly/326I6ju

Remember to MARK your new purchases from the Festival and REGISTER them in the unlikely event of Ghezresh Eating GemStone again. REGISTER it every time you get something done to it, whether it be unlocking, lightening, deepening, or altering. If you need a GM to find it, it might also be a good idea to be able to describe it…

There’s a very nice new script on the repo, ;signature that adapted signature verbs and swears so that anyone can use them with ACT (including the special targeting syntax of ACT). Check out ;signature list while you’re waiting in line — or just ;signa lipchew What a BRILLIANT way to pass the time roleplaying while you are waiting patiently for a merchant. ;repository download signature

Treasure Trove Cheat Sheet: HELP is a Trove room command, not on a sign. You need an active game pass to play. The Shelf has current item. The Tray has next items. INSPECT items on both surfaces to learn properties. Drawings take place every hour at top of the hour. LOOK DRAWER to see time left ’til the drawing. DROP TOKEN IN DRAWER to enter the current drawing. Each token is good for 1 use. Multiple tokens allowed per drawing. Winners cannot enter again for 36 hours. Good Luck!

You’ve asked for a Necropolis Guide, and Mister Goat has it for you in the following thread at the PC: http://forum.gsplayers.com/showthread.php?92916

Ebon Gate Links At A Glance: Ebon Gate Primer: http://bit.ly/2OqItCl ~~ EG 2019 Raffle Tracker: http://bit.ly/2OBkYGn ~~ Ebon Gate 2019 Main Wiki Page: http://bit.ly/2mFtgBE ~~ EG Previews Archive: http://bit.ly/2m0vU4j ~~ EG Shopping: http://bit.ly/2nhko5B ~~ Necropolis Guide: http://bit.ly/2IHviZL ~~ The Arena of the Abyss: http://bit.ly/2MwU6EQ ~~ Hacking Merchant Week with Japhrimel: http://bit.ly/2m4cQSq ~~The FESTIVAL command in GS

**Upcoming Major Event Dates: [Oct 1-31: Ebon Gate at Caligos Isle] ** [Nov 4-10: Frontier Days-WL] ** [Nov 15-17: The Festival of the Fallen-TV]

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