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#TODAY in Elanthia: [5pm-Midnight: Guild Night] ** [5pm: TIERS Game with Fenog’s Regulars-IMT] (All times Eastern)

Wyrom steps up with more tangible clarity on what the GS Staff is hoping to accomplish after the flurry of messages in the Forums from the racial tensions thread. It does not look complete yet, but it should help direct the conversation/s that have been going back and forth. https://bit.ly/2NJ11Me

At 2:33am on July 1st while sitting in the Landing TSC, Empath Orlicks hit level 100. He states, After 20 plus years with only 6m fame, and most of the time sitting in exactly the same spot! He would also like to remind everyone to not forget to tip your friendly neighborhood healers. Great job and Congratulations Orlicks. Here’s something for your wall: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCF3SFtp1JS/

We saved Tuesday Night’s Headlines Workshop with the TownCrier to the wiki so everyone can benefit from working smarter at your headlines. Everyone will benefit for submitting Tips, News, or Events from individuals or our Player Run Organizations. https://bit.ly/2ZngBm4

It’s Guild Night tonight;Now go make some friends; You can tackle and sweep; ‘Til eyes start to weep; While all of our sanity ends!

Join Fenog’s Regulars on Wednesday, July 1 at 5pm in Icemule’s Town Center for a few rounds of TIERS with lots of prizes! Bring silvers for your cards and daubers and meet us there!

GM Thandiwe explains that horse mane braiding items remain visible on a horse because you have no way to INVENTORY your horse like you do yourself to see hidden items. Details at Officials: https://bit.ly/2CWjT8q

Jastalyn penned a “Thank You” note to Icemule Trace voters and supporters. https://bit.ly/3dNlydb

On Sunday July 5 at 1pm, Curator Zenlynn will host a meeting on Ta’Illistim Green for any interested in the renovations to the Museum Alerreth. It will be one of a series of gatherings, so do not fret if you cannot make this one.
BELOW THE FOLD – As previously reported

Come join Silvergate Inn on Monday, July 6th at 7pm for a Spiritual Spa event. It will be an evening of solace and solitude with meditation, relaxing baths, and tea leaf readings presented by the Sphere and Scythe. Please meet us in our Courtyard (rm# 3741)

GM Oscuro announces updates to the tattoo system. Look for consistent logic for what items cover which tattoo locations. There’s a whole list that everyone with some ink is going to want to read: https://bit.ly/2CT1nxH

GM Oscuro rolls back the Mind over Body (1213) change after unintended math consequences made it less useful more of the time than it was beneficial. Oops! Here is the link to the details: https://bit.ly/3ge5brN

Teaberry finds a gaping hole in the floor of Thurfel’s Cellar in Icemule Trace. It leads to a place never seen before which is magically null. A fire burned the place … read on about recent news unfolding in Icemule: https://bit.ly/3g2QrvI

GM Auchand announced the results, well, half the results, of the Icemule Elections. The Mayoral ballots are suspect because of the fire and chaos at Clovertooth Hall. But the officially elected Icemule Town Council members are: Arianiss, Dayzed, Jastalyn, Kittai, and Kobane. In a post later in the thread, Auchand mentioned the votes were very close. https://bit.ly/2AeMC7k

GM Estild announces that Rumor Woods Titles for jousting now only require 500 wins. Plus, you can now mount during combat. (Until something attacks you again.) Read the post for details: https://bit.ly/3ibklj9

Get your votes ready, folks, for every day of the new month at TopMudSites for GemStone! Let’s remind everyone what the best game is. Use ;autovote with ;autostart and never forget. Lich will remember to vote for you every 13 hours. If 100 people voted 2x a day, we’d beat *all* the other games. We CAN do this, peeps! This PSA Sponsored by Maylan. http://www.topmudsites.com/vote-gemstone.html

Wyrom posted an important announcement Sunday, “Racial Tension in Elanthia” as an official response to the discussion currently going on about restrictions based on our fantasy races. I think it is required reading, folks. https://bit.ly/3eMiW0o

A dialogue has been started on the officials by Treeva’s player to discuss the Elven exclusivity during roleplay in Ta’Illistim. If you have a feeling about it, you may want to read over it and weigh in, too: https://bit.ly/2CGnAPg

A Likely Story, the book wagon, rolled into Ta’Illistim with a brand new title, The Immortal Company by Capell, transcribed and illustrated by Phanna Green. Pick up this new one and 4 other limited edition books at the traveling shop. https://bit.ly/3eGCWkS

On Thursday July 2 at 9pm, join GameMaster Auchand and his ninety-nine man ragtime band in the Icemule Trace Meeting Pavilion for another OOC meeting to discuss current and upcoming developments for Icemule Trace.

Beers – and WPS – at the Bluerock: Populento will be offering Weighting, Padding, or Sighting on gear for Zul Logoth citizens on Thursday, July 2, at 9pm. Up to 25 citizens will be selected to receive his work, and they will be eligible to choose up to 10 services on a single item. There’s more rules about this event on the GS Calendar. Read them! http://bit.ly/22574KX

The TownCrier’s paladin survey has concluded! The public summary and charts will take time, but meanwhile, if you’d like to read through our participants’ written answers (and only the written answers), you can find part 1 here: https://bit.ly/3i8NdbG and part 2 here: https://bit.ly/385b7QN

GM Oscuro updates those old ogres to be part of the Basic Critter System. They have new tricks, new messaging. So while the ogres are cheering, ogre hunters may want to watch out! Ogres OP! https://bit.ly/2Cy8hIn

Somewhere around the 23rd of June, one of our fellow adventurers capped and wishes to remain anonymous. I don’t know the date, or the time, what class or even if they are male or female. So, to our anonymous capped person. Congratulations! This Instagram is for you! https://www.instagram.com/p/CB4u8YZJUDV/

QST is back starting Thursday, July 2 for a bit: on Thursdays at 8pm and Sundays at 3pm. It will always start at Greth’s Bar (The Stumbling Pebble Bar II). Follow the link at the end to GM Quilic’s mini vignette introduction. It’s the Summer season of Premium’s favorite storyline, QST Redux: Equilibrium. Remembrance. Restitution. Reckoning. Post: https://bit.ly/37U5g0U Title Image at Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CBxIy28J56M/

**Upcoming Major Event Dates: [July 2: Quilic Story Time on FWI (QST) Begins Thursdays/Sundays (Premium)] ** [July 11-12: FashionFest 5120] ** [July 13-15, and 24th: Bardfest] ** [July 24-31: Premium Festival] ** [Around Aug 14: Duskruin begins]

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