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#TODAY in Elanthia: [Noon: Custom Major Sanctuary Raffle (Premium)-FWI] ** [5:30pm: Xerria’s Really Rare Raffle (Premium)-FWI] ** [8:30pm: Premium Raffle for Custom Signature Verb-FWI] ** [9pm: Magic Donut Box Raffle (Premium)-FWI] ** [10pm: Tinker Zherkal will lighten, deepen, or alter weapons-TERAS] (All times Eastern)

On Monday March 2 at 10pm, the merchant Ravias Crotar will raffle off a Symbol of Ronan at Gardenia Commons in Mist Harbor.

GM Estild gives a sneak preview of the next issue of Creating Adventure, coming very soon. He says look for post-cap development details. Then start looking forward to announcements and “engaging players”. Whee! Read what he said on Discord, starting at: http://bit.ly/37Y6IO0

Benevolent Overlord Wyrom gave up some stats about Duskruin on Discord. The HESS alone drained 60% of the total bloodscrip generated for this run and Spellbound drained over 27%! I am not sure if we need to do more shopping at other shops, or what!
BELOW THE FOLD – As previously reported

The Black Wolves lead a hunt the first Tuesday of March for all levels of adventurers. Come to the Black Wolf courtyard at 8pm for spells and refreshments and the hunt will start at 8:30pm.

GM Estild noted a change for Dispels for non channeled spells to only remove positive effects! http://bit.ly/2Tj7vUv

Benevolent Overlord Wyrom extended SimuCoin Shop sale for your Fixskill, Fixstat, and Ability Fixskill (CMan, Shield, Armor abilities) until the end of February. They are 50% off until then to ease your Duskruin make-overs. http://bit.ly/2v56vLH

Ianwel’s Monthly Premium Customization Raffle for February is a complete custom Major Sanctuary! This includes messaging entering and exiting, as well as the room description. The raffle draws at noon on Thursday, February 27. The wagon is at Wisteria Lane and Rose Ave. on Four Winds Isle. LOOK at the ticket before entering! http://bit.ly/2wNosyM

The Monthly Premium Raffle for February will take place on Thursday, February 27 at 8:30pm at Oleander Crossing on Four Winds Isle. This is for a custom signature verb. LOOK at the ticket before entering! http://bit.ly/2wNosyM

Win a Magic Donut Box at the monthly Premium Artifact Raffle for February on Thursday, February 27, 9pm. Look for the raffle at Honeysuckle Crossing on Four Winds Isle. LOOK at the ticket before entering! http://bit.ly/2wNosyM

GM Naos announced a number of great improvements for Call Familiar. 1) Realm Boundaries will not waken the familiar to follow you 2) After a familiar is sleeping for more than 5 minutes, it will hide itself away and stop ambient messaging 3) When spell is active, it will stack, for a full mana cost 4) Wizards with more than 40 Wizard Base Spells can use SUMMON to specify a certain detailed familiar. More Ranks give you better chances for success. Read all the details at the Officials: http://bit.ly/32saMox

Share all the great loot drops you found at Duskruin by adding an item to the Incredibles List! We’ll publish the list soon for everyone to see! Thanks to a couple TownCrier subscribers for this suggestion. http://bit.ly/37Z8jmS

Ever needed some pothinir grass only to find the town bench full of acantha leaf and wolifrew lichen? Are you sick of going to town and seeing a pile of trash on the floor? Come check out River’s Rest! Our herb crate is the best in the lands! – A Message from the River’s Rest Tourism Consortium.

The Hand of Arkati is offering free mage recharging for everyone on Sunday, March 1 from 6-7pm. Bring all your amazing DR wins to get charged up. Empowerables are welcome, too, along with any regular recharging needs. Come to the Small Cottage workshop near the Landing around Lower Trollfang, in Lich room 7968.

Sunday Night for the end of the February 2020 Duskruin, Wyrom pulled over 28 million bloodscrip out of circulation from a crowded room of bidders for 30 items at the Duskruin Shenanigans. Goat and Rovvigen worked hard to bring us live coverage. If you missed it, the TownCrier saved our spreadsheet and tally: http://bit.ly/2VeXuu7

Arena Overlord Wyrom announced that for Duskruin HESS offerings after this, the Spell Rank Enhancive will also be governed by the 2-service rule. Anything and everything sold in the High End Script Shop will always be part of this 2-service rule. No more than 2 services on the same item per run. http://bit.ly/3c27IUH

On Thursday February 27 at 5:30pm, Xerria will be holding a short duration raffle for five slots at one of her Really Rare Raffles. Choices will be listed on a sign at the event. Tickets will cost 1,000 silvers. Winners must be there to redeem the win and they must have the item already on their person, NO PASSING. http://bit.ly/2vLkZ2F

On Thursday February 27 at 10pm, Tinker Zherkal will be in the Adventurers’ Rest Foyer around 10pm EST to work for Teras Isle residents and visitors. He will lighten, deepen, or change the look of their weapons for a modest fee.

GM Quilic hangs out the “POSITION AVAILABLE – Inquire within” sign for a Mist Harbor Loremaster. Read over the post for all the details. Deadline for applications is Friday, March 6. http://bit.ly/2SIWiNW

Arena Overlord Wyrom announces a new Ability Fixskill potion to let you instantly migrate your CMan, Armor, and Shield abilities. It is now in the SimuCoin shop and will be on sale at 50% off until Sunday, February 23. http://bit.ly/2PbY6gd

GM Haliste Announces Important Information for Duskruin’s next run in August. Now we have the list of shops that will not be returning, and other changes. You will want to read it! http://bit.ly/32dKYwb

As the new Lockpicking Pool mechanics near completion, there’s a call going out for suggestions about locksmith locations in Solhaven: http://bit.ly/2SMZmIE and Ta’Illistim: http://bit.ly/38MznXt

SimuCon Dates for August will be Thursday, August, 6 to Sunday, August 9. You know, with Wednesday evening arrival activities, and setup before. It’s not quite announced, but the contract IS signed with the venue, per Lyneya, the DR Product Manager who is in charge of the Con this year.

**Upcoming Major Event Dates: [Mar 21-24: Wehnimer’s Votes for Mayor] ** [Apr: Rings of Lumnis] ** [June: Rumor Woods] ** [Aug 6-9: SimuCon in St. Louis] ** [Aug: Duskruin]

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