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We have all the news that’s fit to share today for you! Here’s a carefully curated set of leading headlines from major GS news sources and tips by the TownCrier team. Send news and tips in via the handy web form at: http://bit.ly/TownCrierNews – We archive previous news items here at our home web site: http://gstowncrier.com/

#TODAY in Elanthia: [Mobile Silvers Smithy-WL] ** [Wehnimer’s Landing Votes for Mayor, Booths close Tuesday] ** [6pm: Silvergate Inn hosts a pampering for you with Candidate Leafiara] ** [After 11pm: KST tonight: The Albatross weighs anchor at the North Docks where Dragonbones will be tonight!] (All times Eastern)

Wyrom announced: 15% exp boost * Feeder Frenzy Fridays (GM-made loot in some boxes)* Saturday and Sunday Smithy Sojourns-This weekend in Landing, West of Bank * Mar 27: Delirium Manor for silvers * Albatross Gambling River Boat arrives tonight * More merchants * 90-day Promo Code for Returning Players

On Thursday March 26 at 9pm, visit the Icemule Temple Hall of Madness to play Widdershins! A game as random as Zelia! Come play and win general services, bolts of lightning, or curses!

On Thursday March 26 at 5:30pm, Xerria will be visiting the Merchant Lounge in Firefly Villa to perform her limited unlocking services. To learn more about Xerria and see what she can unlock, visit her wiki page at http://bit.ly/2vLkZ2F http://bit.ly/2vLkZ2F

Beacon Hall Archive brings the tradition of Restday Fastbreaking to a new pub outside Icemule Trace at 12pm Sunday, 22nd March. Lich Room #3053, go footpath. http://bit.ly/2quibF9

Wyrom posted a March Update Friday that is jam packed with goodies for the next 6-ish weeks! But first, Briarmoon Cove is going to be delayed. Stay tuned for the date. There will be an upcoming exclusive GIFTBOX. We’re calling it SPRING RENEWAL! Details are in next headline: https://bit.ly/2WxlDNe

15% boost to main experience for the next 6 weeks, and Fridays between now anod May 1st will be FEEDER FRENZY FRIDAYS, with special GM made finds in your boxes. There’s Saturday and Sunday Smithy Sojourns with the Mobile Silvers Smithy Wagon. Starting 9pm Mar 27, Delirium Manor will be open for silvers to everyone. There will be visits from the Albatross (DragonBones, Conquest Wheel, and more), and be on the look out for more merchants. https://bit.ly/2WxlDNe

GM Kenstrom posted some Wehnimer’s Landing Updates. 1. Pylasar’s Trial is a couple weeks out. 2. Saturday, March 21, the Albatross Gambling River Boat will arrive at the North Dock of the Landing for the rest of the month. Expect DragonBones tonight. Bring ALL THE SILVERS if you want to play. What’s DragonBones, you ask? http://bit.ly/2MIhuBE Post: https://bit.ly/2WvGdgT

Come home to Elanthia! Returning players can reactive their GemStone account with 90 days of free! Your account must have been closed at least 90 days ago. GS2020SPRING Tell your GS Buddies! https://bit.ly/2U5p8J1

Do you need favor? Join Ord an Dragan for a hosted Shadow Valley Favor Hunt on Sunday, March 22, at 10pm. Please gather at Baile Dragan, The Wyrm’s Rest in the Landing, (Lich location 23836). They are asking that you are at least 20 trains, otherwise everyone is welcome to come.

SGM Estild and GM Naijin talk Ascension on the new Town Square Central Podcast this week from Milax. Look for it on your favorite podcast app or at YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTy3NVImUTk
BELOW THE FOLD – As previously reported

It’s time to submit your art pieces for the Sixteenth Annual Solhaven Grand Art Exhibit! All submissions need to be in by March 26th. Please send your lovely text art pieces to the mail given at the wiki. Please see Cairnfang wiki page for examples, too: http://bit.ly/39tDHvc

On Sunday March 22 at 11am, jump into Spring with watercolors, hosted by the Handmaidens of Ta’Illistim on the north Green. Learn about mixing pigments, shading, and create your own masterpiece. Materials and refreshments will be available.

On Tuesday March 24 at 9pm, Purl will take a break in her hunting of centaurs and roa’ters to feed and perform work for those in attendance. Her presence will keep the critters away while she works. She will be by the lake near Bonespear.

On Tuesday March 24 at 5:30pm, Felthrop will be lightening armor, weapons, and shields for a small fee. Felthrop will park his wagon outside Icemule Trace.

GM Kaikala posts a note about some Push Dagger scripts being on items that are named katars, and wants to make sure everyone understands the difference! Read up to get yours fixed: http://bit.ly/2U25rlb

GM Naijin updates Plinites and the Locksmithing Pool. He fixed a number of things and you will want to read up on it: http://bit.ly/2J2ELL4

Use ;foreach to mark and register your worn items i.e. ;foreach in worn;remove item;mark item;register item;wear item – This tip via Pathragers! Send us your favorite ;foreach tip: http://bit.ly/31MM2XQ

On Sunday March 22, come worship the spoon with Evlissa in the Merchant Lounge of Firefly Villa!

GM Naijin lays out a document with his plans for archery at Discord on Tuesday night. Read over the document at: http://bit.ly/2IUZSyL and join the discussion at Discord: http://bit.ly/3b0zNKs

For all paid subscribers: don’t forget to log in to the SimuCoin Shop (not the main site) and claim your free simucoins this month. You must log in to see the big CLAIM button. Remember: if you don’t claim them, they POOF! This PSA brought to you by Alisaire! Ask her what happens when you forget!

On Sunday March 22 at 8pm, join Blacksmith Grawlix at the Icemule Trace Forging Supply Shop for a chance at Weight/Pad/Sighting services. This merchant has special RULES you should READ on the calendar item at http://bit.ly/2GRtkCq http://bit.ly/2GRtkCq

Glaves has a script for the new Locksmithing Pool mechanics for your looted boxes, :PoolParty – If you have boxes in your inventory it will deposit your boxes and check/loot/trash empty boxes any you have waiting to be returned. Supports Plinites and works globally. ;repo info poolparty to see info, support, and updates He gives a HUGE thanks to Tykus for taking the time to help.

GM Estild increased the minimum duration of the Voln Symbol, Kai’s Smite, from 5 seconds to 10 seconds! The base duration is still calculated from the end roll result. http://bit.ly/2wbUNPO

Friday Night in the Landing, the Manafire preparations began. Miss Leafi has your summary of bullet points, the unforgettable quips, and the storyline log for this particular KST. Enjoy: http://bit.ly/3aZ2Tdb

Wyrom has SimuCoin Shop news! Two new long-term enhancive potions will last 360 days at a time so you don’t have to keep clicking to buy multiples. Plus they are on sale now with updated pricing. The regular enhancive potions have new pricing and clarification in the store how long they will last. Special Monthly Unlocks for March: The conch shell from Spitfire 2015 with two unlock tiers on sale. All live by 8pm tonight. Read all about it at: http://bit.ly/2vrk8Vv

Icemule Town Center was all cleaned up on Monday Night as two local architects collaborated per their contract with local authorities. Daukhera’s ice-encased piles are no more! They tarried to visit with the locals, and Foreman Hoine announced that he would try to return later in the week to do some work on citizen’s shops. http://bit.ly/3b4rCgf

Spring is Here! Stormwild Hall, Silvergate Inn and Sphere and Scythe are hosting a picnic on Sunday, march 22nd at 3pm to celebrate Spring in the garden east of the Inn’s courtyard. There will be food, fishing, fireworks, trivia, and prizes. Your LIVING pets are welcome to join you.

Go and join the Argent Mirror’s Handmaidens on Ta’Illistim’s North Green for refreshments, watercolor instruction, and discussion on Sunday, March 22nd at 11am.

Did you miss the Mayoral Debates? Xorus cleaned it up for us and it is at the wiki for you to enjoy. Questions. Answers. Comments from the Peanut Gallery. Just the Good Bits: http://bit.ly/2U9a1Np

The newest Town Square Central Podcast was released Sunday! Milax interviews Gamemaster Naijin with subjects including the locksmith pool, his work with combat maneuvers, some exciting archery updates, and mechanical vambraces. Listen now on your favorite Podcast App or at YouTube: https://youtu.be/J0UDMv6NbXg

GM Retser announces that the Night at the Academy quest will no longer have implosion-casting creatures, but they will use Grasp of the Grave instead. http://bit.ly/2TTXBKg

On Saturday, March 21 at 6pm at Silvergate Inn, come embrace the pampering with mayoral candidate Leafiara. Unwind and relax with spa services that will leave you feeling refreshed and give you a chance to see the softer side of Leafiara.

Locksmithing Pool locations now open: Solhaven at Bog Alley, in Ta’Vaalor, at the dock of King’s Court, Cysaegir through archway for locksmithery; in Icemule, at the stucco wall, on Teras at the Adventurer’s Rest, Deck, in Ta’Illistim at the Pig & Whistle, at River’s Rest in a patched tent near Commons, and at the Mist Harbor, Western Harbor Docks, two rooms NW of the fountain, and the East Tower in the Landing. All look like they are supernodes. Release post: http://bit.ly/2uHGwtv

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! For info about the upcoming election and its three candidates, visit the gswiki 5120 Wehnimer’s Landing Mayoral Election page. http://bit.ly/3aPnKQb

Calling all rangers: take the first and second half of the TownCrier Ranger Survey and get your feedback directly in front of development GMs. You have until March 23, but don’t wait! http://bit.ly/3a6cX3I

**Upcoming Major Event Dates: [March 27: Delirium Manor] ** [Apr: Rings of Lumnis] ** [Briarmoon Cove Delayed] ** [June 5-7: Festival of Lumnea] ** [June: Rumor Woods] ** [Aug 6-9: SimuCon in St. Louis] ** [Aug: Duskruin]

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