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#TODAY in Elanthia: [7pm: Spiritual Spa event at Silvergate Inn-WL] ** [8pm: Haleen offers GALD at Merchant Lounge (Premium)-FWI] ** [10pm: Ravias Raffle for a Symbol of Onar (Premium)-FWI] (All times Eastern)

In concert with FashionFest, Caeruil Atelier offers a class on drawing fabrics from their master artists on Sunday, July 12 at 10am in Wehnimer’s Landing, at [Elaraeyn’s Boutique, Atelier] Lich rm 24595. Supplies will be provided!

PoolParty 2.0 is Released! Glaves gives a shout out to Steeltalon for the update/rewrite. To check out the new options. ;PoolParty help
BELOW THE FOLD – As previously reported

FashionFest 5120
Calling all lovers of song, stage, and style! This year’s FashionFest is being held on the weekend before Bardfest (11th and 12th July) to celebrate the performing arts and, in particular, costume. https://bit.ly/386ttB2

Silvergate Inn hosts an item charging event in their House Magic Workshop on Saturday, July 11th at 8pm. Bring the magic items you need charged, recharged, or empowered! Standard disclaimer applies that … magic is fickle, sometimes bad things happen! https://bit.ly/38mpPTJ

On Monday July 7 at 10pm, the merchant Ravias Crotar will be raffling off a symbol of Onar at Gardenia Commons in Mist Harbor.

In the name of prosperity and trade, the Shimmarglin Inn is now open to all races. Bring your coin and raise a glass! Please read the Ta’Illistim folder for all the details of how this went down: https://bit.ly/38t7wfw

GM Thandiwe updated your Ribbonator to work with some silver wands and bolts of fabric in Solhaven. https://bit.ly/3dZBbym

If you or your group would like to sponsor the July or August Public Service Announcements and Reminders headlines, please contact Luxelle.

The Grimswarm Warcamp mapping project for the western half of the game is complete and online on the wiki. Find warcamps in minutes! https://gswiki.play.net/Guide_to_Warcamps

GM Thandiwe corrects an issue with a weaving lathe with some specific gems. Read her post for the details: https://bit.ly/2YVQHXy

GM Thandiwe announced the Rumor Woods Victor at the Tourney, and it’s the tortoise, by a 2 to 1 margin! If you qualify, you will be known as Lictors of the Umber Creep. If you chose the losing side, you will be known as Defeated of the Umber Creep. And Siethidi is planning next year’s already, go chime in: https://bit.ly/3dT54Ac

Lady Gelynne shared at her recent appearance in Ta’Illistim about the owner of the Shimmerglin Inn falling on some hard times: https://bit.ly/2ZwmhKC

Elphieya brings us the latest news from the Icemule OOC meeting with Auchand! There was a lot covered, and she did monumental effort at cleaning it up so we can review it! https://bit.ly/3fai1qA

On Monday July 6 at 8pm, Haleen will be visiting the Firefly Villa Merchant Lounge and working for a select few to offer general services to. Her fee is only 25k. She will spin PROMPTLY at the time of her arrival.

GM Naijin surprises everyone with the big ESP update; it’s already live in GemStone! Everything you need to know is listed if you use the following commands alone: ESP, THINK, and CHAT. Looks like a Grand Slam to me! https://bit.ly/2ZwcZhR

Auntie H has updates about reins/leads for your mounts and containers. These updates will help prevent some unintended loss of important information. 1) You cannot put a summoning device in a stall storage container or disk 2) If your mount is summoned, you should not be able to put it in a container that is not worn. She explains at the Officials: https://bit.ly/3dSOP6k

What Bounty? It seems that 5 million silvers bounty on Socius was cancelled. Some of the locals do not look too happy about it, either. QST Redux: Equlibrium, Thursdays at 8pm, Sundays at 3pm on Four Winds Isle (Premium). Remembrance, Restitution, Reckoning. https://bit.ly/3iktLJn

A stash of items were found at the Dancing Thrak Table on Thursday, July 3rd at 1 AM. Contact Mekimin with accurate description to claim items.

Wednesday in the Landing – Sonny Side Up is the name of the storyline recap from Miss Mayor Leafi. As rumors of the Blood Son continue to attract a following among Landing citizens, Councilwoman Alendrial meets with town defenders to prepare for the planned arrival-and Revival-of the Blood Son and his entourage on Friday. They prepare for either a benevolent or malevolent visit, with town forces at the ready. At the wiki: https://bit.ly/2YVxhSB

Drama! Theatre! Spectacle! This month’s bumper edition of Elanthian Vogue celebrates the performing arts, costume, and masquerade. Grab your copy and prepare for FashionFest and Bardfest. https://gswiki.play.net/Elanthian_Vogue:_Koaratos_5120

GM Xeraphina opened up a brand new Design An Outfit contest! Pick one of three categories, Racial, Profession, Wild Card, and design a complete look that includes each of the worn areas on her list. The deadline is July 31. She has a very nice list of prizes you can choose from at the bottom of her post, should you be one of the winners! https://bit.ly/3dQM6Kz

GM Haxus writes a very interesting response about script-checks at the officials. I know none of you out there ever script AFK and all, but still, it was very interesting! https://bit.ly/3dLS92Y

Darcena starts a community document on Google to discuss improving the culture of rescuing and resurrecting in GS. Contribute your ideas and comments here: https://bit.ly/2D1q9vD

News from the Monsoon Jungles, those pesky skeeters can now be skinned, and sometimes might drop something a touch unique, GM Quilic says. Is this a warning, or something to cheer about!? Someone let us know! https://bit.ly/31ADBAN

GM Xeraphina has a second contest for us to work on in July – Design some flora and fauna! The deadline is July 31. Invent something unique with a little blurb about it, and its climate and terrain – and send it in! Read over the requirements and prize list: https://bit.ly/3ipfqLu

Auntie H fixed a bug with disappearing inventory on some mounts and inventory limits for some locations on the mounts. Read her post at the officials: https://bit.ly/2C1WwcS

Wyrom steps up with more tangible clarity on what the GS Staff is hoping to accomplish after the flurry of messages in the Forums from the racial tensions thread. It does not look complete yet, but it should help direct the conversation/s that have been going back and forth. https://bit.ly/2NJ11Me

GM Thandiwe explains that horse mane braiding items remain visible on a horse because you have no way to INVENTORY your horse like you do yourself to see hidden items. Details at Officials: https://bit.ly/2CWjT8q

Jastalyn penned a “Thank You” note to Icemule Trace voters and supporters. https://bit.ly/3dNlydb

At 2:33am on July 1st while sitting in the Landing TSC, Empath Orlicks hit level 100. He states, After 20 plus years with only 6m fame, and most of the time sitting in exactly the same spot! He would also like to remind everyone to not forget to tip your friendly neighborhood healers. Great job and Congratulations Orlicks. Here’s something for your wall: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCF3SFtp1JS/

We saved Tuesday Night’s Headlines Workshop with the TownCrier to the wiki so everyone can benefit from working smarter at your headlines. Everyone will benefit for submitting Tips, News, or Events from individuals or our Player Run Organizations. https://bit.ly/2ZngBm4

Come join Silvergate Inn on Monday, July 6th at 7pm for a Spiritual Spa event. It will be an evening of solace and solitude with meditation, relaxing baths, and tea leaf readings presented by the Sphere and Scythe. Please meet us in our Courtyard (rm# 3741)

GM Oscuro announces updates to the tattoo system. Look for consistent logic for what items cover which tattoo locations. There’s a whole list that everyone with some ink is going to want to read: https://bit.ly/2CT1nxH

GM Oscuro rolls back the Mind over Body (1213) change after unintended math consequences made it less useful more of the time than it was beneficial. Oops! Here is the link to the details: https://bit.ly/3ge5brN

Teaberry finds a gaping hole in the floor of Thurfel’s Cellar in Icemule Trace. It leads to a place never seen before which is magically null. A fire burned the place … read on about recent news unfolding in Icemule: https://bit.ly/3g2QrvI

GM Auchand announced the results, well, half the results, of the Icemule Elections. The Mayoral ballots are suspect because of the fire and chaos at Clovertooth Hall. But the officially elected Icemule Town Council members are: Arianiss, Dayzed, Jastalyn, Kittai, and Kobane. In a post later in the thread, Auchand mentioned the votes were very close. https://bit.ly/2AeMC7k

**Upcoming Major Event Dates: [July 2: Quilic Story Time on FWI (QST) Begins Thursdays/Sundays (Premium)] ** [July 11-12: FashionFest 5120] ** [July 13-15, and 24th: Bardfest] ** [July 24-31: Premium Festival] ** [Around Aug 14: Duskruin begins]

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