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What You Missed

General Gemstone IV


Glimmin asked, “Is the CML charge always puncture crits? Trying to decide if I should add puncture resistance to my armor since this maneuver is basically the only thing that kills me in Nelemar.” Rolfard answered, “Yes. Warrior puncture resists go to 50 percent in non padded armor and accessories. Padding can decrease warrior resistance but no lower than 10 percent. Warrior puncture resist a greathelm too.”

zeph added to a previous discussion on armor accessories, “what’s not clear to me is if main armor has both crit and damage – we know it doesn’t halve the effect if both are on. but what happens if you add another padding accessory on top of those? so if i’m HCP crit & HCP dmg, and add a +20 crit padded helm, what do i end up with?”

Arianiss asked, “Temp weighting/padding.. can it be recharged like a normal enhancive or once it’s gone it’s gone?” Athias answered, “Once it’s gone, it’s gone”


Deso kicked off a long discussion on sorcerer changes over the past ten years and how to be trained now.

GK! reminded us all that there is an altar for Amsalen in the frost giant area of Icemule in the Ice Plains area outside of the west gate.


Gilien looked for a way to get a lich/ruby script to start another script, but wait until the last one is finished. Doug and Avalera had suggestions.

Gillien asked about using BREAK during a WHILE and Loop in Ruby. Doug answered, explaining where BREAK will break out and when it will not.

Doug answered a StormFront Scripting question from Sentral about a simple little combat loop for KILL.

Ryjex asked if there is a way to see active hooks in your lich, Kragdruk gave a quick command line exec for an answer! (;e DownstreamHook.list)

;tdusk questions pop up and Tysong is there with answers; this one about how to prevent the store/ready for the Arena.

Avalera started a discussion about a way for ;combo (A UCS script) to work in the Duskruin Arena with ;duskruin_watch. Tysong, who maintains duskruin_watch, had suggestions to help them work together for a better Arena run.

Tysong assured Travakel that ;duskruin_watch can be run stand-alone and you then can do your own manual spell-casting or combat moves in the Arena.

World of Elanthia



  • Has the arena made an impact on your characters RP? Do they rush there or avoid it for deeply seated reasons? [Brenric]

SimuCoin Events and Quests


Mnute (muted) suggested, “Suggestion: Whip up a magical device where one inserts an automoton ore, and there is a 1 in 10,000 chance of receiving a token in exchange. Ores will go bye-bye very fast.”

Stonmel suggested, “can we “Make Ores Pawnable Again!” (MOPA) most folks have no purpose for them, and it seems they can’t be pawned for a few hundred silver anymore, and some folks don’t like to drop stuff or throw it away because they are hoarders”

Glimmin stated, “If we’re removing common and uncommon flares from DR (including acuity), then I hope the EG auto-flarer becomes friendlier to use: 1) requiring a very hard to find token for common (and perhaps uncommon flares) in addition to a large amount of currency is excessive. Pick one, preferably the latter. 2) have the same restrictions on which items can have flares added as what they were at DR. 3) I hope EG or some other merchants offer +acuity on existing acuity up to 6x for silvers.”

Telare asked, “did greater elemental flares sell out?” GM Wyrom responded, “I have a few certs to add back from exchanges.”

Ponclast asked, “What’s the rate of token drops for sewers… one per 50-100 runs?” PM Wyrom responded, “For tokens, all 3 are the same.” He added, “We only have around 50 items for the beta run of the Trove. It’s a total extra that doesn’t take the place of anything else. A maximum of 50 people can enter a single Trove raffle. Each token can be used 3 times (unless you win, that it’s taken). So that number is the theoretical max number of tokens that will go out for Duskruin. We’re still under the 48 hour mark this run, but we are ahead of the theoretical max as of right now. Things will slow down over the course of the week though.”

PM Wyrom stated, “Chainspears don’t work with other scripts.”

Neopuron asked, “are we still able to find the stuff to build the MoonShard pendants?” PM Wyrom stated, “No”

Regarding the number of backups called by the boss in the Heist, PM Wyrom stated, “I just put a cap on the number of backups that can be called. If the boss is disabled, he can’t call for backup though.” This evidently broke the Heist and PM Wyrom had to shut it down. PM Wyrom later said, “Man that was exhausting, I think I found the issue.” He then reopened it.

Beldannon asked, “think you skipped my question. About how the rpa orb works with the more you do? Account character or ip?” BobN replied, “he mentioned before it was character, and per event (so if you swap between, say, sewer and arena, the chances for each improve independently).”

Regarding RPA orbs, PM Wyrom stated it was likely he would have to decrease the RPA drop rate, “We’ve already have hit more RPA orbs this run than all of last run.“It’s a rare drop, not a guaranteed drop, that is completely extra.”

fortybox asked, “if you find an RPA orb, does the ticker start all over again to find another one” PM Wyrom said, “Yes.”

PM Wyrom stated, “I found a pretty significant bug with the heist in all that mix up just now. With the OC, when you die, you were suppose to be losing some bloodscrip (the messaging was you dropped some). But I see that mechanic was never being triggered. But the OC shouldn’t have had that advantage over the SI and PH. I’ll need to fix that, but I’m not likely to get to it today. I’ll also be posting about this.” and “This really only impacted people who die though.”

Celby asked, “is the chance of getting a treasure sack crystal, xp orb, or trove token all one chance? Or could you potentially get all three in one package from arena/heist?” PM Wyrom answered, “All 3” and “Each one is a different chance.”

Leafiara asked, “So, as I close in on 700 runs with no token yet, I have to ask… Are there any factors besides luck that influence token drops? Like is it better if I finish with more time left on the clock?” PM Wyrom answered, “only luck.”

Regarding rats, PM Wyrom stated, “If you find the room with the rat BEFORE you search (you’ll know), it doesn’t count against your searches. Unless it gets away.”

Tysong stated, “I’m still confused by the Voln unlocks. Someone said the 150k cert will unlock any voln armor to max T4, but the READ on the cert says it’s only for T3->T4. And then the other paper reads that you need 1 cert to unlock from T1->T2, and another to go from T2->T3 for 75k each. Now making it cost 300k total to max unlock Voln armor when it was only 150k before. Are the reads correct, or is this one of the items that you’re working on the pricing?” PM Wyrom answered, “We’re likely just to move VolnArmor stuff to EG, since pricing on that just won’t jive with what’s being approved.”

Shield asked, “DR event still on for 8pm Eastern? (aka now = dinner time here in Pacific?)” PM Wyrom answered, “It’s just the exact same mini invasion as last time. But yes. There isn’t anything else to it.”

Regarding the cost of the Call Familiar items in the HESS, Leafiara stated, “I understand the reluctance to give away such a unique wizard ability, but that should be limited by quantity (which it is) more than price. Historically things like permabless and greater undead bane that basically render the ability of paladins and clerics to use sanctified weapons moot have cost 300k and 400k, and those are on every swing and not just 2x/day.”

Celby asked, “can you make the “a sharp toxin-covered misericord” from PH heist something that I can turn in to the ringleader for BS? I’ve thrown so many of them on the ground…….” PM Wyrom responded, “They are extras, you can use them or toss them. Why not just use them?” Celby suggested, “Maybe if I could combine them or something? So I could have one with more charges, vs. carrying 100 of them.”

A Dark Elf asked, “Can 1650 reset after arena win please?”

Qafziel Nalfein

Qafziel Nalfein

Qafziel Nalfein, scholar and political devotee, travels Elanith learning more about the relationships between notable parties. His focus is on the Cooperative Houses of Elanthia and Meeting Hall Organizations and their liaisons, but he’s also known to pop into a town meeting on a whim or congratulate someone on reaching the pinnacle of their studies whether it be in warfare or sorcery or something else entirely. Qaf is always on the lookout for ways to connect individuals and organizations both with each other, with adventurers, and with the TownCrier for the betterment of our society. He maintains a network of informants who assist him in his tasks.