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What You Missed

General Gemstone IV




Tsalin aka Jeff reported that when he “lost” his short sword prying the gap at Darkstone Castle, it went into the RECOVER system. Ha!
Conrash/Zannath/Drakkler asked, “for gathering wizard essence, anyone have any strategies on maximizing gain one can share? if i kill multiple enemies with one cast of a ball spell, will it mean more essence? also does amount of mana spent matter? if i kill something with say 903 versus 908, does the more expensive one yield more essence?” Tsalin aka Jeff answered, “you get essence per kill, with a smaller bonus earned based on the amount of mana you spend”
ReverendCatch (Dreanor/Sensou) asked, “as a wizard should i just always use full leather? i think im in 7x robes but i’m considering the 5x 5CER fulls at duskruin. Worthwhile or nah ?” Sabotage, Tsalin aka Jeff, and Ragz provided advice. Consensus seemed to be to get the full leathers and enchant and pad them.


In a discussion on starting statistics for warriors, mersenne provided this advice, “Yeah, I strongly recommend not ignoring warcries. On top of the easy roundtime from Bellow and AS if you need it, Carn’s Cry can force bandits and other things out of hiding and freeze constructs in OTF to let you drag past. And if you’re an old-timer like me who’s used to Yowlp being the useless 5 AS shout, it gives party warcry (and similar animal roar) defense now”


Arianiss walked someone through opening up ;tdusk to set one of the profiles to their name.

Doug helped Seeeoooh to get lich set up and working with the Repository on her new Mac Install, checking versions, and more.

Reminder that ;tdusk uses your lootsack.   ;tdusk help will give you instructions on the screen how to set that, and other things.

Avalera answered Yrsa’s question about randomizing commands in a lich script with a simple line of code.

Xanlin updated invdb to check for ticket balances.

World of Elanthia



Nova asked how we refer to Duskruin in game given that we’re only allowed access to it at certain points of the year. Gavrien stated that it is a village and all around haven for shady activity and suggested, “Given how much other teleportation there is, and that there are areas that are no teleport, you can very easily just say the village basically just opens its doors/blocks off certain kinds of travel periodically if you want to get into it.” GM Lydil added, “To go back to access to Bloodriven Village and the QUEST TRANSPORT command. If teleporting isn’t something you want to get onboard with, you can just view the command to be you taking the wagons from anywhere in a given city/town, rather than having to walk to one of them and board it that way. After all, when you leave you are still going via a wagon (it’s just instant).”

SimuCoin Events and Quests


PM Wyrom stated, “Okay, so empty pouches and packages. This is NOT a bug. It’s because bloodscrip is no longer generating in a package. If you score too low, the package is still generated, but you don’t get anything else. I’ll have to either change the logic on how packages work (which is a lot to fix) or always generate something.”

PC:DivePirate/GSIV:Aar&Bovine asked, “any idea when the Temple of Tentacles will open please?” GM Retser replied, “Temple of Tentacles, Sprite Club, and Stay Awhile and Glisten are all open now.”

PM Wyrom asked, “Are there any issues going on that haven’t had a lot of attention or acknowledgement?”

Hoy asked, ‘@estild you happen to be around to give a difficulty check before i use the super ensorcelling potion?” GM Estild answered, “Buy or use? You don’t need to use it to see the difference. Just hold it in your hand and do a cast to check the difficulty.” and “Just hold it in your hand and channel once to test the difficulty with the bonus.”

GM Thandiwe announced, “I’ve added a sign to Shield Thyself so that you can see the bangle and brooches paired with the capes or cloaks.”

Naamit questioned why T2 easel unlocks are so rare. GM Haliste answered, “Those are intended to be rare. So… I mean, I put one out here and there.”

Naamit asked, “Why aren’t alter wands available in DR?” PM Wyrom answered, “Because we only offer 1 or 2 of those at a time. Those aren’t the best type of items for Duskruin. Better for raffles or feeders.” Naamit suggested the HESS and PM Wyrom replied, “I’m still not a fan of selling things where only 1 will be available.”

PM Wyrom reminded us, “You can TEAR the scrip pouches or buckets to get a refund.”

Siierra asked, “black ora from arena is sticking to my hand when trying to sell. (thought it was removed last DR) did anything change?” PM Wyrom responded, “I’ll get the black ora stuff fixed.”

Calista asked, “are there restrictions on using lightening/deepening notes on the shield capes?” GM Thandiwe replied, “Oh! I can’t remember if I got those added. But my intention is to. I mean, to allow them.” She then stated, “The Shield Cape was allowed for lightening deepening notes.” In reply to another question, she also further explained, “The brooches and bangles on sale now are not upgrades, they are only for customizing look/style. You can upgrade your brooch or bangle at any time.”

PM Wyrom stated, “Oh tokens aren’t that common, they’re pretty rare.” He continued, “We only have about 50 items for the trove. Each trove item can have up to 50 tokens. And each token, outside the winning token has 3 uses.”

Lanzerik asked, “Did something change with the rate of watchdog whistling in the Heist? I did fine last time around with relatively few deaths. This time, there’s often 4+ dogs within seconds and more than once I’ve only gotten a pair of swings in before I was disabled and killed.”

Mnute (muted) asked, “do the tokens show up in the winning’s package?” Celby replied that they found a token in a heist package.

Lochiven asked, “Anyone see any illusion pins for sale this run? Not seeing them in Spellbound like the previous two? runs” Leafiara responded that they are in a new shop. That new shop is Be Warez in room 16.

PM Wyrom announced, “Okay, have the black ora bug in the arena fixed (again) and the empty arena packages for people who don’t score high enough for loot. Fixing for the heist in a moment.”

Tokens are “a silver raffle token.”

PM Wyrom reminded us that the ores can be traded for a totem. Melivn and Maylan added that you talk to the archaelogist.

Dergoatean asked, “and also how much of a boost the bane boosts are” PM Wyrom stated, “Bane boosts are +2 CER or +5 AS. Nothing for flares.” Dergoatean asked “one boost per item limit?” PM Wyrom responded, “Two service limit per item.”

Nehor provided a list of the HESS items and their costs from the early Platinum release.

Regarding the Arkati-themed tokens, PM Wyrom stated, “You can heal someone else too with that 1x/day.” He added, ” It heals all wounds, health, bleeding, poison, disease, spirit loss, and mana. It likely needs an update for stamina and other various status effects.” PM Wyrom then said, “Okay let me fix these bugs super quick. And the healall token.” He then later said, “The heal all tokens now heal stamina, popped muscles, the rarer diseases like bubonic plague and leprosy, and vocal cord stress.”

Regarding HESS pricing, PM Wyrom stated, “Some prices might get adjusted, a lot of this gets set by Dev in a mass list.” He added, “But like I said, the pricing happens sort of all at once in a big list format. We always adjust depending on how things go.” Even later he added, “Give things over the weekend on HESS, I understand your concerns.”

Hoy asked if the chain spear and coraesine were limited. PM Wyrom responded, “Yes. Everything has limits in Prime.”

Hondaeuroz asked, “wyrom did you try to get returner cert approved and they denied it? just curious” PM Wyrom responded, “it just didn’t make the cut this run. Always next run.”

Calista asked, “which heist gives the best scrip return? and what skills do i need for it” PM Wyrom responded, “All heists are the same. Just different things to do.”

GM Haliste posted a link regarding Shield Thyself being closed.

Leafiara asked Retser, “Did you just change sprite weapons?” She reported reduced RT on activating it (PUSH) and eliminated RT on infusing it (TOUCH). Retser replied, “Yes I did.”

Menos asked, “Can duskruin be made to reset paladin timers (like 1650 and 1607) the way it does for rapid fire when you finish a round.”

Treeva asked GM Retser, “I want this tentacle bow. But like, I see I have to give it non flared arrows? So I have to make arrows for the bow to eat?” He replied, “Yeah, you’d have to actually do the things. or just buy bundles”

GM Haliste provided a forum link for a list of items in the Treasure Trove.

Tsalin aka Jeff asked, “is the trove open yet? do we know when or ETA?” GM Haliste responded, “No and maybe Tuesday.”

GM Estild stated, “Spellup runestaff (same as mana spellup) is 1x per hour.”

Alisaire asked, “I may have missed the answer in here if it was asked previously. For the parasitic/sprite bows, how long does a single crystal shard last? Is it for a single arrow shot? Or is there a duration for X number of arrows, etc?” GM Aulis provided known information and Alisaire asked, “Does it flare with each arrow? That’s a bit less clear. Trying to determine if I got that unlock, if I’d then need to carry around 50 crystals just to have it be able to flare. (And I guess.. can you stack charges?) Since I have probably one of the very few parasitic bows out there, heh.” GM Aulis stated he didn’t know and provided a link to the forums.

Expert Puzzlesolver Qualeric asked, “for Ode to Resistance, how come the 10% ones changed enchant but none of the others did?” GM Haliste responded, “They didn’t change enchant, @Expert Puzzlesolver Qualeric they’re the same as they were. They’re a lower enchant because of their resistances.”

Beldannon asked, “yeah what the heck on the under the counter stuff changed the look of the bottles or the liquor type and reduced it to 3 ?” GM Haliste responded, “They were wrong the last time but it was missed. Consider that you got them an extra run with them at 10 sips instead of 3. This time they’re fixed.” More conversation continued from here.

Expert Puzzlesolver Qualeric asked, “will anyone be able to get a rune holder, or will it be a thing only if you can kill some demons? @Wyrom” PM Wyrom responded, “Once the Abyss is cleared out anyone. It will have a silver cost and have a slight puzzle to get one.” Avawren asked, “Any hint on how hefty the “hefty silver cost” of the bloodrune pendants is, Wyrom? So I can temper my silver poor expectations if I need to” PM Wyrom answered 1mil.

Stonmel suggested, “so… suggestion/idea, as a way to help drain BS, and help the trove out. Sell single use trove raffle tokens for BS. This way people can target individual items they want.” PM Wyrom responded, “Not a fan of people spending money on a raffle like that. And there aren’t that many items.” He added, “At the rate of tokens dropping (as of this comment), we already will have more tokens than items. So many people are going to be left holding a token by the end.”

Regarding tokens, PM Wyrom stated, “Arena and the heist are seeing the majority of them so far.” Flockmaster Nehor asked, “Im curious if the chances are the same per activity, given the speed differences. But I guess it would balance the sewer a bit more against the two?” PM Wyrom responded, “They are the same. The sewers are balanced around the fact you search 10 times though.” Leafiara asked, “Do they drop in team arena, to satiate my paranoia?” PM Wyrom answered, “Yes, group arena has them.”

Stu asked, “can anyone tell me where you turn the runestones in?” Roblar responded the archaeologist.

Qafziel Nalfein

Qafziel Nalfein

Qafziel Nalfein, scholar and political devotee, travels Elanith learning more about the relationships between notable parties. His focus is on the Cooperative Houses of Elanthia and Meeting Hall Organizations and their liaisons, but he’s also known to pop into a town meeting on a whim or congratulate someone on reaching the pinnacle of their studies whether it be in warfare or sorcery or something else entirely. Qaf is always on the lookout for ways to connect individuals and organizations both with each other, with adventurers, and with the TownCrier for the betterment of our society. He maintains a network of informants who assist him in his tasks.