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What You Missed

General Gemstone IV


Raelee provided a reminder for anyone who may not know or may have forgotten, if you are lifekept and you want to depart, you can UNLINK.

GS R-man/Hammerr’ suggested, “Again, being a foot…person, I vouch for something along the lines of having “SORT BOTTOM {item}” to bring my cobbled goods all the way to the bottom of my inventory so that I don’t have to sort them down a trillion times when I get boot-head.  Thank you!” GM Naos replied, “Sort reverse, wear your boots, sort reverse”

Whirlin suggested, “Speaking of blesses… It may be an interesting idea to revisit the maximum number of swings and add a digit, just to make getting blesses a little easier.” GM Naos responded, “It is unlikely that we will see the ceiling on bless swings increased.”

Lost Ranger asked, “Any chance that clerics can get messaging when APPRAISEing a dead person that shows if Symbol of Recall is up? It’d be nice to be able to pair that + symbol of recognition as a subtle hint whether I should ask someone if they want to use it before I raise them.”

Arianiss requested, “I would also like APPRAISE to let me see ALL dead bodies for life keep” GM Meraki suggested that clerics group the dead bodies and APPRAISE GROUP as one stopgap measure.

Ponclast suggested, “wouldn’t it be neat if lost pets like kittens/cauldrons could show up in the item recovery system instead of having to ASSIST.”

LostRanger reported a bug with elemental TD and shadow steeds. GM Naos thanked him.

World of Elanthia



  • If your preferred game experience/playstyle was a movie, what would you Rate it? G/PG/PG-13/R/X [Avaia]
  • There have been some examples given already, but what, in your game experience,  causes the rating you prefer? [Avaia]

Erek provided some more GemStone history from his former time as GM Banthis, “Every time I see ‘Sea of Fire’ I have a little internal chuckle, because it exists solely due to the fact that we had a flat spot on the original map and I thought ‘what the heck can I put there?”’That got me thinking about the valley that Las Vegas sits in, which led to ‘well I could put some sort of desert there’ […] yep then I colorized the area and realized I’d made it too orange, thus ‘Sea of Fire’ was born.” Furthering the discussion, Naamit discussed the collaboration between players and GMs on the Tehir and stated, “In the end, Tehir became a curious mash up of Tuareg/Tamasheq and Papago/Navajo.”

SimuCoin Events and Quests


PM Wyrom announced, “HESS list is posted. Not a lot of details, but still working on everything. Items will have quantity limits, but no scaling. HESS will open Saturday, time TBD. I usually do it in the afternoon, but we’ll probably go a little later this time around.” Hoy asked if prices were going to be released before the start. PM Wyrom replied, “We’ll see. Working on everything still.” Hoy remarked, “that is a pretty sad looking sk list. is it still 2 service per?” PM Wyrom replied, “Yes.”

Hoy commented, “but ithzir u could unlock yourself after the first add on. not the case for voln?” PM Wyrom replied, “Yeah, Voln is a little more complicated, but we’ll see what we can do.” Hoy followed up, “is it still insanely expensive?” PM Wyrom replied, “Maybe.” Stonmel asked, “so what will a t1 to t2 voln unlock set one back?” PM Wyrom replied, “I need to make sure all the prices are accurate, then I’ll share some of those. Tomorrow (Thursday) hopefully.”

Beldannon asked, “Undead bane gone corrext?” PM Wyrom said, “No undead bane this run.”

GM Avaluka notified us, “BUGITEM is usually a good catch-all for messaging typos, but if the typo is in a part of the messaging that is describing the item (bonus if it is clickable in StormFront), then the script is usually pulling that from a setting on the item itself and BUGITEM can’t fix that.”

GM Estild announced that there will be new spell items in Spellbound this run.

PM Wyrom said, “Tokens are the same with no scaling benefits if you do more. We’ll be watching it to see how it goes.”

Hoy asked, “where are the prices and the banshee flare adding?” PM Wyrom answered, “No banshee this time, I’ll try to get prices posted, but they are the lowest priority for me.” He then added, “HESS won’t open tomorrow.”

GM Estild announced the Spellbound x/day list:

Spellbound x/day:
Manna (203), 1x
Celerity (506), 1x
Breeze (612), 3x
Mobility (618), 1x
Consecrate (1604), 3x
Arm of the Arkati (1605), 1x
Arcane Decoy (1701), 3x
Martial Prowess (1705), 5x
Condemn (309), 20x
Balefire (713), 20x
Earthen Fury (917), 20x
Thought Lash (1210), 20x
Divine Strike (1615), 20x
Minor Cold (1709), 20x

Melivn asked, “Are enchant potions going to be around?” PM Wyrom answered, “Nothing enchanting related this time around.”

HebrewToYou asked, “did we get any clarification from @Wyrom on the chain-spear hess offering? Will these be in the style of an “ore” where a weapon is made fresh, or can it be added to an existing valid weapon type via a cert?” PM Wyrom answered, “It’s a cert.” He later added, “Chainspears are going to be very limited, just as a heads up. It’s something you’ll apply to either a spear or javelin, if you don’t have one, it will just be standard 4x. Speaking as a thrown user, I’d recommend a javelin, since chainspears now offer parry DS in the shaft form (after the throw). Unless you train in polearms as well, then spears are the better option. Keep in mind, HESS is just a fraction of what we offer at Duskruin. We put a lot of work into this run throughout the whole thing.There is even something that hasn’t been talked about yet!”

Leafiara asked, “Will chainspears make a weapon unenchantable?” Azaton responded, “Chainspears are enchantable. They are a bit tougher to enchant/ensorcel than usual though.” PM Wyrom responded, “Chainspears cap at +35 I believe (technically +40). But for the cert it shouldn’t be an issue adding it to something over that.”

Celby asked, “How rare are tokens going to be? Rare like those segment things? Or the thingy used to make those treasure sacks?” PM Wyrom responded, “We only have about 50 or so items for the Trove. A token can be used 3 times (or it’s consumed on your win). Only 50 people can enter a trove raffle at a time, so kind of keep that in mind for the expectations on how many trove tokens will be going out. Trove won’t be opening until after the initial weekend of Duskruin, as we want there to be enough time to get some tokens out there.”

Calista asked, “what happens if you find a token on the last day and all the trove entries are over?” and Celby asked, “Can the tokens be re-used at future DRs?” PM Wyrom responded “Tokens are only good for the run they drop in, so it’s a use it or lose it. This is a beta run of the Trove, so we might be adjusting what we do depending on how it works out. Tokens also attune after they are used once.”

Avawren asked, “Did all the shops get a refresh, or is just some + additions?” PM Wyrom responded, “Most.”

Mnute (muted) asked, “In the event the Trove runs out of items or tokens are earned with too little time to use them (or just no desire to use them on any of the items) can the tokens be exchanged for something “else” (bloodscrip prize bundle, common flare cert, etc?”

Dergoatean asked, “Any chance of updating boost supercharge to also boost banes?”

Qafziel Nalfein

Qafziel Nalfein

Qafziel Nalfein, scholar and political devotee, travels Elanith learning more about the relationships between notable parties. His focus is on the Cooperative Houses of Elanthia and Meeting Hall Organizations and their liaisons, but he’s also known to pop into a town meeting on a whim or congratulate someone on reaching the pinnacle of their studies whether it be in warfare or sorcery or something else entirely. Qaf is always on the lookout for ways to connect individuals and organizations both with each other, with adventurers, and with the TownCrier for the betterment of our society. He maintains a network of informants who assist him in his tasks.