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Xorus Shares What Happened When Mayor Cruxophim Was Kidnapped By Rone

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It was Saturday night in the Landing and Mayor Cruxophim was kidnapped by Rone. Xorus shares what happened, at the officials:

Category: Towns
Topic: Wehnimer’s Landing

Date: 03/25/2018 08:35 AM CDT
Subj: Temporal Rift: It's A Trap! (log)
Since most people did not see anything that happened when Crux was kidnapped, and I saw almost all of it, this is a log of what happened. It’s a short log so I’m just going to post it here, it can get rolled into the longer Wiki version when that gets made. I cut out the whispering and most of the weather and the time rift effect messaging.

I represented Xorus in the third person format. There is no messaging when people arrive in the rift. Alasatia and Raelee eventually showed up.

– Xorus’ player

Lady Lylia’s group just went east.
[Wehnimer’s, Valeria St.]
The footsteps of a few passing wayfarers and townspeople echo on the cobbled pavement between the rows of two-story wooden houses that flank the lane. The street is quieter and darker here, blocks away from the busy square to the west. You also see the Dethnyain disk, the palm frond-shaped Leafiara disk, a lop-eared pure white lioness, a pert will-o-wisp spirit that is flying around, the Ferrumus disk, a sleek raven that is flying around, the parrot-shaped Florania disk, the Quintiana disk, a smoke wolverine, the night watchman and an old whitewashed house.
Also here: Lord Thrassus, Matriarch Berkana, Lord Nazarr, Melikor, Shinann, Ysharra, Mourne, Maylan, Lady Alasatia, Melivn, Lady Lylia, Krampton, Pinchot, Lord Dethnyain, Dame Evia, Hlendril, Lady Lornieh, Chaoswynd, Kipara, Maiden Leafiara, Lord Ferrumus, Lord Falkes, Lady Florania, Xeldome, High Lady Quintiana, Lady Authriea, Marijka, Meureii, Marshal Madmountan, Cabal, Repaire, Neovik, Stonmel, Sir Balantine
Obvious paths: east, south, west

Leafiara asks, “Did we see where he–or they–went?”

A pale-faced coppery barn owl flies in.

Speaking to Meureii, Chaoswynd asks, “They? Or him?”

Maylan exclaims, “What a coward!”

Hlendril exclaims, “Bastard!”

Ysharra shakes her head.

Hlendril snaps his fingers.

Meureii squints.

Speaking to Hlendril, Melivn asks, “Oh did you see your dad someplace?”

Xorus says, “Amusing. Rone is still imitating me.”

Leafiara starts chortling.

Melikor snickers.

Hlendril nods at Melivn.

Mourne chuckles at Xorus!

Lylia nods to Xorus.

Speaking to Hlendril, Melivn says, “Nice.”

Hlendril frustratedly asks, “How do we get this guy?”

Berkana chuckles at Xorus!

Hlendril grumbles.

Melikor grins at Ysharra.

Xorus says, “I had actually suggested at one point trapping him in a temporal rift with some bruisers.”

Leafiara nods faintly to Xorus.

Meureii grins at Xorus.

Deckits grins at Xorus.

J>prep 416
You tilt your head slightly and stare straight ahead as you murmur under your breath…
Your spell is ready.

[Note: The third-person on this would have shown Xorus getting absorbed by a dark splotch.]

J>cast my trunk
You gesture at an enruned monir trunk.
Suddenly a dark splotch erupts from the lock mechanism and envelops you! Time seems to slow down and almost stop…

Suddenly you see yourself cast at a locked trunk about to try to look inside…something goes wrong but…

Suddenly you see yourself cast at a locked trunk about to try to look inside…something goes wrong but…

After a moment you feel a great sense of deja vu….

Suddenly you see yourself cast at a locked trunk about to try to look inside…something goes wrong but…

Your head begins to throb from all this. After a moment your vision clears and you see…

[Temporal Rift]
Time and space seem to swirl around you. You catch brief glimpses of events both past and future. Beyond these strange and confusing visions extends a vast, ever-changing field of stars, pinpoints of light against unfathomable utter blackness. It is very cold here.
Also here: Rone, Mayor Cruxophim who is partially immobilized
Obvious paths: north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west, northwest, up, down
Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.

Cruxophim looks thoughtfully at Rone.

Xorus says, “Evening.”

Cruxophim nods faintly to Xorus.

Rone grins.

Xorus leans on his runestaff.

An aura of mischief slowly creeps into Cruxophim’s mien as his lips form into a crooked smile. The smile continues to spread as it splits from ear-to-ear, rupturing his countenance into the shape of a tooth-filled lacerated grin.

>look rone
You see a white cloaked figure wreathed in swirling ethereal mist. Beneath the cowl of his pale hood appears to be a featureless face of polished metal or bone. Shadowy eyes stare out, coldly regarding the surroundings. The rest of the figure’s form is obscured by the fog constantly shifting about its form.

Rone deeply says, “Fitting.”

The ground trembles as rolling thunder resounds throughout the sky. (note: temporal rifts are buggy, they show weather and day/night effects)

Speaking bemusedly to Rone, Cruxophim agrees, “Very.”

[This suspiciously brief and specific part of the log was the victim of an unfortunate smelting accident. Many Bothans died bringing us this information.]

Rone nods to Xorus.

Cruxophim surreptitiously glances at Xorus.

Rone deeply says, “I want you to see your crimes Mayor.”

Rone deeply says, “Your body is useless for the time being…”

Rone deeply says, “But your eyes can see fine.”

Speaking calmly to Rone, Cruxophim inquires, “So, now that we’ve finally the opportunity to speak uninterred…. sure you must want something beyond that?”

Cruxophim cocks his head at Rone.

Rone points out to the vast, endless flickering of images and stars.

Cruxophim surveys the area.

Xorus leans on his runestaff.

Cruxophim leans on his runestaff.

Alasatia casually glances around the area.

Rone grabs Cruxophim by the back of the neck.

Cruxophim gives a sidelong glance at Rone.

Xorus nods to Alasatia in greeting.

Cruxophim narrows his eyes, his dark sclera reduced to mere slits.

Rone deeply asks, “Do you see your past?”

Alasatia nods to Xorus.

Rone glances at Alasatia.

Alasatia arches one eyebrow at Rone in an expression of sardonic amusement.

The raw elemental energy surrounding Alasatia suddenly sparks with electricity.

Rone indicates a white gear-covered prism as a possible option.

Speaking to Rone, Cruxophim warns, “I’m not sure that you want that.”

The sparking electricity surrounding Alasatia slowly fades.

Cruxophim looks at Rone and forces a grin.

Rone deeply says, “I’m sure I do.”

Rone deeply says, “You’ve created as many bodies as the stars here.”

Rone deeply asks, “Don’t you see?”

Speaking calmly to Rone, Cruxophim suggests, “Perhaps you could take off the mask, then… if you are so firmly a believer in truths.”

Alasatia settles her gaze on Rone, watching him intently.

Alasatia nods slightly to Xorus.

Speaking evenly to Rone, Cruxophim assures, “I am aware of what I have done.”

Rone deeply says, “You are an extenstion of the evil that has poisoned this town and its people.”

Cruxophim smiles placidly out into the sea of stars, his face a stoic mask without a trace of emotion.

Rone deeply says, “The Lich…”

Rone deeply says, “Cross…”

Xorus nods to Raelee in greeting.

Rone deeply says, “Stone…”

Alasatia nods at Raelee.

Rone deeply says, “Even Kestrel you made a deal with.”

Rone deeply says, “The hawk who butchered Lana.”

Speaking monotonously to Rone, Cruxophim inquires, “Are you done? If you believe this is some kind of reckoning… perhaps you do not know as much about me as you think you do. If I promise not to look away, perhaps you could kindly let go of my neck?”

Cruxophim gives Rone a strong, encouraging smile.

Rone deeply says, “You have pledged to darkness, or stood by and let it fester.”

Speaking seriously to Rone, Cruxophim reminds, “The Hawk has paid for his crimes. We saw to that.”

Rone deeply says, “Yet you have not.”

Cruxophim cocks his head at Rone.

Rone deeply says, “No.”

Rone deeply says, “Death is fitting for the sinners.”

Rone deeply says, “Not the monsters.”

Speaking calmly to Rone, Cruxophim inquires, “Is it justice you seek… or vengeance?”

Rone deeply says, “It can be both.”

Speaking calmly to Rone, Cruxophim wonders, “What do you know of monsters?”

A mixture of confusion and curiosity crosses Cruxophim’s mien as he studies Rone.

Rone deeply says, “I know enough. I know what must be done to them.”

Rone leans in, his white cloak and polished, featureless mask near Cruxophim’s ear.

Cruxophim levels his gaze at Rone, staring intently at him without blinking his eyes.

Rone whispers something to Cruxophim.

Speaking calmly to Rone, Cruxophim suggests, “Take off the mask, then, so I may look my accuser in the eye.”

Cruxophim gives Rone a strong, encouraging smile.

Speaking calmly to Rone, Cruxophim warns, “Be careful when you gaze into the abyss…. such has a dire way of changing one.”

Cruxophim whispers something to Rone.

Cruxophim tries to pull Rone towards him.

Cruxophim gazes at Rone.

Rone pulls Cruxophim closer to him, as he looks out at Alasatia, Xorus and Raelee.

Cruxophim whispers something to Rone.

Rone deeply says, “It’s time for others to know the monster you fight hard to keep at bay.”

Alasatia breathes almost without making a sound.

Speaking coldly to Rone, Cruxophim states, “You aren’t wrong. I -am- a monster… I make no pretense of being anything else.”

Cruxophim grasps both of his shoulders and pulls at his cloak, causing long, tendrils of shadow to weave in front of him before retreating back into his cloak.

Rone produces a small silver needle from his white cloak and stabs it into Cruxophim’s neck.

Cruxophim twists his head slightly, cracking his neck. He looks relieved.

Xorus leans forward.

Cruxophim eyes Rone with a stern expression, his dark sclera reduced to mere slits.

Alasatia narrows her eyes.

Alasatia takes a moment to observe Cruxophim.

>look crux
Through a sinister black haze, you see a Blood Arcanist of Bloodriven Village with faintly luminous crimson-veined luminous yellow eyes. Blood red mist swirls threateningly around his shadowed figure, which is covered in jagged scars.

Rone steps back, fading into the vast distance of stars and space.

Cruxophim raspily warns, “Be careful what you awaken. You may not like what rises from within.”

Cruxophim frowns.

Xorus says, “Interesting.”

Cruxophim calmly states, “He’s gone.”

Alasatia nods slightly.

Speaking concernedly to Cruxophim, Alasatia asks, “How do you feel?”

Cruxophim wearily states, “Let us leave this place.”

A bloodless pallor sweeps over Cruxophim’s flesh, revealing distended atramental veins that writhe and pulsate beneath the surface of his skin like faint tendrils of shadow.
Cruxophim gestures.
The magic fizzles ineffectually.

Cruxophim frowns.

Xorus nods.

Speaking dryly to Alasatia, Cruxophim admits, “Not sure yet.”

Mayor Cruxophim just went up.

Mayor Cruxophim just arrived.

Cruxophim wanders off into the star field and vanishes.


Date: 03/25/2018 05:33 PM CDT
Subj: Re: Temporal Rift: It's A Trap! (log)
Thank you for the log, Xorus. That was almost wholly enlightening. 🙂

— Lauren, Lylia’s player