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Vision of Red Mist – A Threat – From the New Ghezresh?

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A vision is reported in the new Ghezresh area of the officials. The mist is red, swirling madly, promises blood, and makes a threat.

Category: Arkati and Other Spirits
Topic: Ghezresh

Date: 10/10/2017 10:22 PM CDT
Subj: Vision
A faint red mist flows into the room, swirling and churning madly. Slowly it assumes a manlike form and two red gleams like cold jewels regard you icily. A voice chill as the wind between the stars whispers, “I watch. I learn. I dream. When time flows thick and red like blood and the skies run with lakes of gore, I will act and she who has spurned me will know what she has brought upon her people.”

Cold eyes bereft of all save the most chilling of human feelings gaze into yours for a time and then vanish. A reddish mist flows into the ground glimmering in the light as a river of scarlet laced with clotted gems and vanishes.