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Valyrika shares Who’s Who in Ta’Illistim July 2016

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GM Valyrka gives us a listing of Ta’Illistim NPCs and notes about them. Now you’ve got a program with the cast of characters to study! Is the Libretto next?

Category: Towns
Topic: Ta’Illistim

Date: 07/08/2016 10:19 PM CDT
Subj: Town NPC's
As requested, here is a list of Ta’Illistim NPC’s and a little background to help everyone get into the groove as things gear up!

NPC Status Notes
Aeriadrn active Seneschal of Ta’Illistim Keep
Aertinus active Captain of the Sapphire Guard
Ardtin Greyvael active during formal court events She is a member of the Council of Thrones. She is elderly, as far as elves go, and has a strong sense of propriety. She has a fondness for glimaerstones. She is a former Argent Mirror. She encouraged Myasara to marry and then to hand over control of Ta’Illistim to the council while in mourning.
Calysen active court musician/dance master
Caylio Javilerre dead in prime He is a Teacher of Lore, with a focus on the archaeology of the Arkati. He prefers to be in the field, rather than in an office or lecture hall. He died at the hands of an assassin hired by his sister Hycinthia immediately after his wedding vows to the Mirror were recited. his death was an accident.
Chalat Greyvael Dead He was the First Couturier of the Argentate, murdered by Hycinthia
Clessar Ryvvuel active Chalat Greyvael’s apprentice.
Gasen Nellereune active page in the royal household, wishes to be a Sapphire Guard. Wants to be squire to Commander Murstyr
Gelynne Greyvael active Niece to Chalat, orphaned and came to live with him. Talented jeweler.
Hyacinthia dead in prime Tried to assassinate Argent Mirror Myasara. She murdered her brother Caylio in prime. Her father Commander Murstyr beheaded her at the command of the Mirror.
Mivae Avelleur active Wine Steward
Myasara active Current Argent Mirror, head of House Illistim
Nessina Javilerre infrequent former handmaiden to the Mirror, all handmaidens were dismissed.
Nualina Greyvael infrequent former handmaiden to the Mirror, all handmaidens were dismissed.
Tanyela Chesylrae infrequent former handmaiden to the Mirror, all handmaidens were dismissed.
Murstyr Javilerre active Lord Commander of the Sapphire Guard

~ Valyrka ~
Dark Elves

Date: 07/08/2016 11:26 PM CDT
Subj: Re: Town NPC's

>He is the First Couturier of the Argentate,

is this in the wrong place? helpful chart 🙂

Date: 07/09/2016 05:46 AM CDT
Subj: Re: Town NPC's
oops, fixed.

There are probably some other minor npcs, but I have encountered so many new faces to Ta’Illistim, I am hoping this will be helpful for getting up to speed.

~ Valyrka ~
Dark Elves