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The Mirror’s Handmaidens – A Call Goes Out

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The Argent Mirror has decided to appoint a set of handmaidens at Court again. Here’s the information you will need to know for your character to apply:

Category: Towns
Topic: Ta’Illistim

Date: 08/17/2018 11:31 PM CDT
Subj: The Mirror’s Handmaidens

Handmaiden to the Argent Mirror

The handmaiden’s were dismissed after one tried to kill the Argent Mirror. But, the Mirror feels it is time to appoint a new set of handmaidens. Two handmaids will be chosen from the player population, while the others will be NPC in nature. They will hold their office for the term of one year.

As Illistim’s Argent Mirror is representative of the best of her people, so too should be those she surrounds herself with. Though her handmaidens should stand out as exemplars of Illistimi womanhood, displaying at all times gentility, poise and good manners, there are in addition some further requirements.

Application Requirements

They must be of Illistimi parentage on both sides.

They must be be unmarried.

They must be able to play an instrument.

They must be well versed in history, both foreign and domestic.

They must be accomplished in either painting, drawing or poetry.

They must be familiar with protocol and etiquette and comfortable in formal settings.

Their background must be free of scandal, crime and poor moral or ethical choices.

Those who meet the previously stated requirements are invited to complete the application below, appending the requested materials comprising their portfolios of works. Following review of the application and portfolio, candidates will be contacted to interview in a private setting with Illistim’s Argent Mirror for final selection.

If someone was a handmaiden previously, they may apply again this time.

1) Please list your name, including both your first name and last name.

2) Have you received any honorifics from an elven house, such as jewels or titles? If so, please explain the circumstances surrounding their receipt.

3) What instrument do you play and how would you assess your general aptitude with music?

4) What historical event do you view as the most important in elven history? Please explain your choice in no more than 200 words.

5) What do you view as the most pressing issue facing House Illistim or Ta’Illistim today? Please explain your choice in no more than 200 words.

6) Include either two paintings, two drawings or one piece of poetry. The subjects of your portfolio materials should reflect your own interests and personality.


1) Handmaiden’s can be removed from their position for many reasons, but not exclusive to the following: lewd behavior, foul language, disrespectful behavior etc.

2)The Ta’Illistim GameMaster has the right to terminate any handmaiden position without notice at any time during their term. Some reasons for terminations, but not exclusive to, could be breaking policy and OOC behavior.


In the application above, it asks for either two paintings, two drawings or one piece of poetry. The paintings and drawings should be designed as if they were items being released in the game with a 15/15/15 base description and a SHOW description. The poem does not require special formatting, but should be substantial enough to compare with having written two detailed items.

Please send your application in an email to with the subject header of “Handmaiden Application.” The answers to questions 2, 3, 4 and 5, as well as portfolio materials, will be evaluated by a panel of GMs.

All emails must be received by October 31, 2018. But with EG in October, I would suggest getting them finish earlier.

The term for handmaidens will begin January 1. Notice that two will be chosen, so the PC has another PC to roleplay with when NPC’s are not about.

~ Valyrka ~
Dark Elves