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The Green Lady: Finit, Credits, and FAQ

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GM Quilic wraps up the recent Green Lady storyline in River’s Rest, with an OOC FAQ at the end that will leave you completely unsatisfied!

Category: GemStone IV Announcements
Topic: Important Announcements

Date: 07/29/2018 07:35 PM CDT
Subj: The Green Lady : Finit, Credits, and FAQ
Gorinn and Mazorn made their way out onto the dock, the evening sun in their eyes causing them to squint. Wordlessly, they took in the sight of the demolished warehouse for a moment before Gorinn spoke.

“Three days, Trader. Three days and I’ll have it as good as new.”

“Thank you, Gorinn. I had grown rather fond of it in the short time it stood,” responded Mazorn.

The two turned their heads at the sound of the Fleet Captain making his way towards them. The Captain glared at Mazorn as he strode over and joined the pair.

“Well, Trader… What is it you wanted?” asked the Captain.

Mazorn regarded the shorter man with a cool look in his one remaining eye for a long moment before answering in a matter-of-fact tone.

“I wanted to inform you that I shall be rebuilding my warehouse, and continuing my plans to make this the new hub of my business over time. This, however, could have been done through the normal channels. The reason I wanted to meet you face to face was that I wanted to let you know that I did not overlook the lack of support during the recent issues. I paid you a handsome sum, Captain. Where does that coin go, if not to serve the town? Where were the guards? Where were the troops from the Empire? Something is wrong with this picture, and we both know it. I wanted you to know that I shall be keeping careful watch going forward.”

“Is that so, Trader? Well, the disposition of the taxes is not your concern. And neither is how I go about my business. You concentrate on your ships. I’ll take care of the town. I’d advise against putting your nose where it doesn’t belong, otherwise you could lose more than an arm,” the Captain warned. Before Mazorn could respond, the Captain gave a curt nod and turned away, heading back towards the town.

Gorinn chortled at the man’s obvious discomfiture, and Mazorn permitted himself a small smile. The two then turned their eyes to the remains of the warehouse, and beyond them, the setting sun.

OOC Portion:
Thank you so much to all who came out for this storyline. For a brief time, we made River’s Rest quite a hot spot! It had been my intention to track those players who really stood out with their RP and their defense of the town, but the list quickly grew cumbersome. I was extremely gratified to see the residents of the Rest come out and play along on a regular basis. For me, personally? I had an absolute blast, so thank you for that.

First and foremost, to GM Wraex (AKA Zhill) and GM Tivvy (AKA Embriolous). These two put up with me for several weeks as I planned this little journey, for which they should get hazard pay. They were amazing at every turn, and the story wouldn’t have been what it was without their assistance.
To GM Mazreth, who willingly lent his expert advice at several critical junctures, and guided me through some unfamiliar waters. Not to mention his recommendations for a few of the more amusing invasion critters!
To SGM Galene and ASGM Tamuz, who helped me get this thing off the ground, then helped me keep it aloft. They smoothed over my fumblings and my rough edges, answered a million silly questions with patience and a sincere willingness to help. I literally couldn’t have done this without them.
And most of all, to the players who played along. I hesitate to list names, because there were so many of you that I know I’d forget someone. Thank you, very much.

I’ve received quite a few questions, and though I’d answer the most common ones here:
Q: What was in the sleek black chest?
A: Clearly something that wasn’t particularly buoyant.

Q: What happened to Veridese and her two compatriots?
A: Well, it would take someone really good with animals to survive the predators in the jungle where we last saw Veridese. And it would take a pretty powerful mage to handle the out of control spell that engulfed Zhill. And it would take someone with a very strong magical affinity to withstand the blast and make their escape under the dark of night. So clearly, that settles that.

Q: What’s the deal with the mercenaries that Mazorn sent for?
A: They arrived last night, were greeted warmly, thanked for their trouble, and sent back home.

Q: What drove Veridese to choose the moniker of The Green Lady?
A: Well, see, there was this particular… let’s say, “outfit” that she wore once, and Mazorn REALLY… Actually. I haven’t the foggiest idea why she chose that name, sorry.

Thank you all for playing along!

-GM Quilic
“I have a question… possibly two…”

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