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The 7th Annual Festival of Frost Opens in the Landing

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The 7th Annual Festival of Frost, hosted by Tolby, the Halfling, is open to the public in the Landing. Look for the candle-lit path outside of the Raging Thrak Inn. There’s a Solstice Tree (grab an ornament or 3), Ice Skating, Bonfire, Snowball Fights, Building Snowmen, Warm Treats, and winter supplies for sale. The mini games did not open.

Category: GemStone IV Announcements
Topic: Important Announcements

Date: 12/13/2017 11:03 PM CST
Subj: 7th Annual Festival of Frost!
The 7th Annual Festival of Frost, hosted by the halfling, Tolby, has returned to Wehnimer’s Landing! You can access the winter grounds via the candle-lit path outside of the Thrak’s Inn! The festival will be open until shortly after the New Year, but there will be no merchant activity. But the grounds are open to all, so feel free to enjoy everything it has to offer, or host your own events within!

Here’s what you can experience at the Festival of Frost! So go enjoy it!

Solstice Tree:

At the entrance of the grounds, is a solstice tree! Feel free to grab an ornament, or two, or three, and find out what is inside!

Ice Skating:

There is an ice skating arena, with a cart right outside of it that sells ice skates of various styles! When you’re in the arena, if you’re skating along, feel free to BOUNCE, FALL, BOW, JUMP, TURN, STRETCH, FLY, or PACE! If you’re skating and joined to someone, feel free to PUSH, HUG, KISS, PULL, NUDGE, POKE and SPIN them!


Like the snow, but not the cold? There’s a giant bonfire and log seating with your name on it!

Snowball Fights:

Look for the snowy field with a mound of snow and enjoy an good ole snowball fight! No defensive spells needed!

Slush Hill:

Go check out the new Slush Hill, where you and your friends can ROLL to build a SNOWMAN! You can make animals, monsters, races, or birds! Of course, you can only make one snowman at a time, and it takes one hour to melt before you can do it again. Once your project is finished, feel free to LEAN on it or TOUCH it!

Warm Treats:

There is plenty of warm drinks and treats available inside a tent on the grounds. Free of charge!

Warm Clothing:

There is warm clothing available inside of a shop on the grounds, so bring some silvers and keep yourself covered!

Mini Games:

The mini-games were closed off this year. I had some issues with prize glitches, and overall I want to redo the prizes for next year with fresh new ideas!

-GM Kenstrom-
Waylayer of Wehnimer’s Landing
Human Guru

Strongest foe vanquished: Roblar

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