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Shooting for The Moons – GM Aulis Reveals How

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GM Aulis reveals how we are GOING TO THE MOONS after a huge cache or venion was discovered in the Elven Nations. Gnomish Tinkerers, Illistim Scholars, Elven Mages, and a group of 100 Adventurers will be sent to the new colony! All the details at the Officials: (and ARE WE HAVING FUN YET?!)

Category: World Events, Festivals, and Storylines
Topic: Current and Upcoming Events

Date: 04/01/2018 08:18 PM CDT
Subj: Shooting for the Moons!
A recent discovery of an extremely large cache of veniom on the eastern side of the DragonSpine Mountains has led to a major racial enclave on what to do with said deposits.

For three whole days ambassadors of every race were locked in private discusion within the vast depths of Library Aies to discuss the best use of said veniom.

Finally, it was determined: WE’RE GOING TO THE MOONS!

A team of gnomish tinkerers have determined ways to turn Elven airships right-side-up, along with ways to attach even more veniom to them than ever before. They have also been working side-by-side with another team, compromised of Elven mages, on the best way to speed the airships skyward and beyond.

Scholars from Ta’Illistim have decided that the first moon to be visited will be Lornon, since the least is known about it and it is quite a mystery. An exploratory group of 100 ADVENTURERS will be sent to colonize the moon and provide further research.

Player applications for the exploratory group of ADVENTURERS can be found at

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Date: 04/02/2018 04:40 AM CDT
Subj: Re: Shooting for the Moons!
Sign me up!

Chad, player of a few

Date: 06/09/2018 07:25 PM CDT
Subj: Re: Shooting for the Moons!
This really should be a thing. I would totally apply.

— Robert aka Faulkil

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