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Rovvigen and Beloran’s Handfasting Ceremony

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The traditional handfasting ceremony at The Trine event was saved with all the fun of a real, if impromptu, handfasting!

Category: Towns
Topic: Wehnimer’s Landing

Date: 11/14/2016 02:30 PM CST
Subj: Everyone is Truefolk during the Trine
On Restday, Eoantos 13 from the Silverwood Meadow, The Trine; Great Lord Beloran the Woundtender (an Aelotoi of the Mrae’ni Clan) and Event Planner Rovvigen the Fortuneteller (a Paradis Halfling) are united by Gwalina (The Matchmaker) during a centuries old Halfling tradition of The Handfasting Ceremony.

By: Rovvigen

Rovvigen beams happily at Kelhaly!

Speaking to Beloran, Gwalina exclaims, “Yous have wings!”

Speaking to Gwalina, Beloran exclaims, “I do!”

Speaking to Gwalina, Rovvigen says, “And beautiful wings at that.”

Rovvigen beams!

Rovvigen leans softly against Beloran.

Gwalina curiously asks, “Is hears Is have a matches to binds?”

Darbo gruffly says, “It’s the Trine, everyone not handfasted…should be.”

Kelhaly says, “This here is Gwalina our Matchmaker.”

Kelhaly says, “She’s put together many an epic match.”

Gwalina says, “I’s the life binder.”

Beloran leans on his staff.
Kelhaly asks, “Do we need to get the peppered vodka out here?”

Kelhaly clasps her arms around her knees and rocks back and forth.

Darbo nods at Kelhaly.

Speaking gruffly to Kayse, Darbo says, “Our Matchmaker, Gwalina, is about to demonstrate.”

Kelhaly stands up.

Kelhaly just skipped merrily into a rainbow felt-paneled ger.

Gwalina announces, “Gathers, gathers! Has a seats if not alreadys on bottoms!”

Kelhaly asks, “Who needs encouragement?”

Kelhaly sniffs at her peppered vodka.

Dirvy giggles at Kelhaly.

Speaking softly to Kelhaly, Dirvy says, “In my limited experience, all men need liquid courage.”

Gwalina requests, “Can I’s get the couple to be handfasteded to come forwards?”

Kelhaly grins.

Speaking ruefully to Panndoris, Gwalina says, “If I’s was singles… I’d be flirtings with yous.”

Darbo just nudged Rovvigen.

Telsas brushes her fingers over the strings, modulating softly from chord to chord as if playing to herself.

Kelhaly says, “It only burns a little bit going down.”

Speaking to Gwalina, Panndoris says, “I like yer style.”

Kelhaly nods encouragingly at Rovvigen.

Kelhaly offers Rovvigen a glass of peppered vodka.

Speaking to Gwalina, Panndoris says, “Am nah fasted, ah dun think.. am observin.”

Rovvigen accepts Kelhaly’s peppered vodka.

Kelhaly offers Beloran a glass of peppered vodka.

Beloran accepts Kelhaly’s peppered vodka.

Speaking gruffly to Rovvigen, Darbo asks, “Are ye going to tie the cord or not?”

Beloran gazes thoughtfully at his peppered vodka.

Speaking to Panndoris, Gwalina says, “No… I’s fasteded… you’s not.”

Beloran sniffs at his peppered vodka.

Philibert joins Gwalina’s group.

Panndoris laughs softly, trying to hide his amusement.

Gwalina beams happily at Philibert!

Speaking to Darbo, Rovvigen says, “We can yes.”

Kelhaly giggles at Darbo.

Rovvigen beams!

Speaking to Gwalina, Panndoris says, “Lucky one, they be.”

Darbo whacks Rovvigen with his cane.

Kelhaly says, “Darbo is a matchmaker, too.”

Speaking to Philibert, Gwalina mouths, “That ones was flirtings with me.”

Speaking to Rovvigen, Darbo says, “Do it.”

Speaking to Gwalina, Philibert says, “Hello there wife of mine.”

Rovvigen agrees with Darbo.

Kayse curiously asks, “Is anyone getting handfasted?”

Gwalina glances at Panndoris.

Beloran takes a drink from his peppered vodka.

Legaci glances between Darbo and Rovvigen.

Rovvigen takes a drink from his peppered vodka.

Beloran says, “Rovvigen and I are.”

Beloran glances at Gwalina.

Dirvy turns to Beloran and cheers!

Speaking to Gwalina, Rovvigen says, “I am ready to tie the cord with Beloran.”

Speaking to Philibert, Gwalina whispers aloud, “I knew yous would wakes up eventually… I didn’t hit yous with the pans that hards.”

Panndoris takes a moment to observe Rovvigen.

Speaking to Gwalina, Philibert says, “Aye, ya learned after I slept fer a week that one time.”

Panndoris glances between Rovvigen and Beloran.

Gwalina recites:

“Nows, nows… Traditionally during the Trines, we’s normallys have lots and lots of matches ready to be bounds.”

As Cruxophim plays his tibia-bone flute, some black raven feathers suddenly flow out of the instrument, pulled into existence from the magic of his song.

The music lifts and swells, as Cruxophim’s encouraging and heartening song fills your heart and mind.

Without a change in dynamics Telsas picks up the pace of the song, weaving a soft but playful theme reminiscent of the sound of a far-away horse running across the countryside.

Rovvigen turns an inquisitive ear toward Gwalina.

Cruxophim’s music seems to lift your mood as his flute’s tune moves in stately beauty.

Gwalina recites:

“We’s also do not normallys have the traditionals ceremonies ifs fastededings outside of typicals racial boundaries.”

Panndoris gawks at Gwalina.

Gwalina assures, “We makes exceptions this time because LOVE!”

Gwalina raises her fist defiantly.

Cruxophim applauds Gwalina.

Rovvigen beams happily at Gwalina!

Kelhaly applauds wildly!

Darbo gruffly says, “Everyone is Truefolk during the Trine.”

Gwalina recites:

“LOVES is ultimate bindings.”

Gwalina recites:

“The handfastedings ceremony takes place over a periods of two days. On the first days, the bride’s family and the groom’s family erects the gers… ones for the bride… ones for the groom, and ones for the ceremonies.”

Gwalina recites:

“The weddings ger is handed down from generations to generations, normallys through oldest daughters…”

Speaking to Philibert, Gwalina asks, “Remembers our fastedings?”

Gwalina mutters, “… Waits… pans to heads… mights not remembers much at alls.”

Beloran says, “Clunk has been at this rodeo before.”

Beloran grins.

Speaking to Gwalina, Philibert asks, “I remember just like was last year. It was last year right?”

Gwalina recites:

“Nows… the brides and grooms has rites… and its funs.”

Gwalina recites:

“The brides serves treats and creams and the grooms gets to sweat it outs in their gers to proves their endurance and staminas.”

Speaking to Gwalina, Philibert says, “How many times have ya hits me over the head? Though at least doin that ya aren’t shootings bows at me anymore.”

Gwalina shushes Philibert!

Speaking to Philibert, Gwalina exclaims, “I’s talkings!”

Philibert winces.

Gwalina recites:

“Each relative must proves why eithers the grooms is more worthys than the brides, or the brides is more worthys than the grooms. This is normally done throughs songs and verses and agains, all in good funs!”

Gwalina glances between Rovvigen and Beloran.

Gwalina asks, “Do yous peoples have peoples to sings praises?”

Beloran says, “This was sort of spur of the moment.”

Beloran grins at Gwalina.

Rovvigen points at Ordim.
Rovvigen points at Dirvy.
Rovvigen nods.

Gwalina awkwardly says, “Sos… no.”

Dirvy enthusiastically nods her agreement, causing her hair to flutter around her face in a white blonde halo.

Gwalina cheekily says, “We can skips that part.”

Darbo gruffly says, “This is the Trine. We are all family.”

Ordim sings:

“Rovvigen is better
His wings dont ever flutter
Rovvigen is better
Beloran smells of butter!”

Dirvy softly says, “Ordim and I can sing their praises.”

Telsas laughs at you!

Beloran fully extends his wings and stands perfectly still, eyeing you cautiously.

Beloran says, “Gee. Thanks.”

You stick your tongue out at Beloran and let loose with a loud, “Thbtbtbtbt” from your lips!

Speaking gruffly to Dirvy, Darbo exclaims, “Sing!”

Gwalina enthuses, “Do its!”

Dirvy blushes a pink shade at Darbo.

Telsas quietly says, “One for Rovvigen.”

Rolfard applauds Rovvigen.

Dirvy sings softly:

“Beloran is so sweet
Rovvigen has hairy feet
A perfect match they would make
‘Cause Beloran can bake… maybe.”

Kelhaly says, “You needs some of the Trine Collection.”

Gwalina exclaims, “Yay! We hads that parts!”

Gwalina dances around the room to music only she can hear.

Speaking quietly to you, Telsas says, “Your turn again.”

Darbo recites gruffly:

“Beloran, biggest Truefolk I’ve ever seen
And strangely sporting wings of green
He even lacks fur on his feet
But we are glad they both did meet”

Rovvigen beams happily at Darbo!

Rovvigen bows respectfully and inclines his head.

Gwalina recites:

“Nows… it should be noted that the worths is nevers in questions, but shoulds teasings be takens to hearts, a matriarchs of the families will be assigneded to ease the couples into marrieds life for the first years…”

Gwalina quips, “Ors you can shoots them in the knees.”

Gwalina grins impishly.

Rovvigen cackles!

Beloran chuckles.

Beloran says, “He would have an unfair advantage aiming at knees.”

Gwalina recites:

“Movings ons!”

Gwalina excitedly says, “And this is the funs part.”

Rovvigen beams!

Gwalina recites:

“Day 2s! The Handfesteding ceremony!”

Kelhaly offers Gwalina a gold-ribboned handfasting cord.

Gwalina recites:

“This is the days that the weddings gers is sets up by the males of the bride’s familys and the females of the groom’s familys. Whiles this happens, the brides gets batheds pampereds by her families and the grooms gets batheds and pampereds by his families”

Gwalina accepts Kelhaly’s handfasting cord.

Gwalina recites:

“Thens… we eats… and we eats… and we eats some mores!”

Telsas quietly says, “I was wondering when that part came in.”

Gwalina exclaims, “Afters we eats, we finish preparings things… and at dusks… we do the thing!”

Kelhaly repeats ‘The Thing’

Rovvigen cackles at Kelhaly!

Telsas blinks.

Kelhaly grins at Rovvigen.

Telsas quietly asks, “What thing?”

Kelhaly says, “THE thing.”

Rovvigen says, “The THING.”

Gwalina recites:

“Typicallys, we has mock battles between the groom’s families and the bride’s families, all to proves worths once agains!”

Sadiyah exclaims, “I am on Rovvi’s side of the family!”

Panndoris grins from ear to ear.

Kelhaly exclaims, “We can arm wrestle!”

Rovvigen cackles at Sadiyah!

Speaking to Rovvigen, Sadiyah says, “I got this.”

Gwalina recites:

“The grooms shows his worths by “fendings” off arguers… by diplomacys… or by sneakings into the bride’s gers..”

Gwalina whispers aloud, “My Philiberts did the sneakingses.”

Philibert says, “She wasn’t hittings me with pans then, I could be sneaksies.”

Rovvigen laughs at Philibert!

Speaking softly to Philibert, Dirvy asks, “She hit you with the pan when you arrived in her ger?”

Speaking to Dirvy, Philibert says, “No, she only starteds that after I trieds running away from home. Shot me in me knee and walloped me over tha heads.”

Gwalina recites:

“Nows, the grooms is presented with three womans dressed identicallys… with a thick red veils edged in gold that covers even feetsies. The grooms musts be able to tell which is trulys his brides (there’s a lot of signals given to makes sure he picks the rights one)”

Gwalina recites:

“Once the grooms gets his brides, they proceeds to the weddings ger, where the brides is stoppeds by the groom’s families, who challenges her worths once mores. The brides offers gifts to appease the familys… and they are nice gifts, trinkets mades by themselves (or someones else… they don’ts needs to knows).”

Gwalina recites:

“Nows, once the families is appeased… it is times for the ceremonies… FINALLIES!”

Gwalina beckons Rovvigen forward, followed by Beloran.

Kelhaly asks, “Do yous need more vodkas?”

Beloran says, “Yes.”

Beloran walks toward Gwalina.

Rovvigen adopts an agreeable expression.

Speaking to Rovvigen, Gwalina says, “Don’ts be shies.”

Rovvigen stands up.
Rovvigen walks toward Gwalina.

Kelhaly offers Rovvigen a glass of peppered vodka.

Gwalina recites:


Gwalina says, “I was asking Oleani’s help as I proceeds.”

Gwalina’s cheeks flush with a soft pale rose shade, darkening her freckles even more.

Kelhaly asks, “Are they bound yet?”

Gwalina recites grandiosely:

“Now we proceeds with the traditionals handfastededings ceremony. We starts by invokings the blessings of Oleanis!”

A shooting star sails across the moonlit sky.

Gwalina tilts her head up.

Clunk gazes up into the heavens.
Legaci gazes up into the heavens.

Rovvigen beams!

Kelhaly exclaims, “A sign!”

Gwalina recites:

“That works, too!”

Gwalina recites:

“We comes to yous, Mistresses Oleanis! We brings to yous those whose loves grows continuouslys everydays and wishes to be bounds befores yous withs the tyings of the cords.”

Gwalina glances between Beloran and Rovvigen.

You see Great Lord Beloran the Woundtender.
He appears to be an Aelotoi of the Mrae’ni Clan.

You see Event Planner Rovvigen the Fortuneteller.
He appears to be a Paradis Halfling.

Gwalina asks, “Dos yous twos have anythings yous wishes to says?”

Beloran says, “Again, completely unprepared.”

Panndoris gives Beloran a little prod between the shoulder blades.

Cruxophim glances between Beloran and Rovvigen.

Speaking to Beloran, Rovvigen says, “I am grateful for every moment i get to share with you.”

Speaking mischievously to Beloran, Cruxophim suggests, “‘Yes’ might be a good start.”

Beloran begins chuckling at Cruxophim!
Beloran sets about preparing himself to be as presentable as possible.

Speaking to Cruxophim, Gwalina whispers aloud, “He’s already saids yes!”

Beloran says, “The first step of the journey of a lifetime.”

Kelhaly gazes fondly at Rovvigen.

Cruxophim raises his hands toward Gwalina in surrender!

Kelhaly gazes fondly at Beloran.

Speaking to Beloran, Gwalina says, “Yous… right hands out.”

Speaking to Rovvigen, Gwalina says, “Yous… left hands out.”

Beloran nods at Gwalina.
Rovvigen nods at Gwalina.

Legaci glances between Beloran and Rovvigen.

Gwalina says, “Nows… typicallys, the handfastings cord is passeded downs, too, each generations families addings more and more to it.”

Gwalina starts with Beloran, and begins weaving her cord around his and Rovvigen’s wrists in a figure eight, ensuring it remains snug against their arms.

Gwalina says, “Once the cords is wovens, wes ties the cords together to ensures it cannot be unwovens.”

Gwalina completes the weave and ties it all together, completing the ritual.

Gwalina says, “Nows, the couples must remove the cords togethers and theys haves to be carefuls not to unravels what was dones.”

Speaking to Rovvigen, Beloran says, “We have to slip the tied cord off our hands.”

Gwalina says, “Once the cords is removeds carefullies, wes place it in a box to be sealed and kept until the couples dies and it is passeded downs to the next generations.”

Kelhaly asks, “Do yous have a box?”

Beloran says, “We do.”

Beloran put a glass of peppered vodka in his flyrsilk greatcloak.

Beloran removes a white oak case carved with a pastoral motif from in his flyrsilk greatcloak.

Rovvigen beams happily at Beloran!

Beloran offers Gwalina a white oak case carved with a pastoral motif.

Gwalina accepts Beloran’s white oak case.

Telsas quietly says, “Congralations.”

Telsas quietly says, “May years of happiness in darkness and in light for the pair of you.”

A luminous white haze forms around Beloran and Rovvigen and grows in intensity until it is as bright as a star, periodically emitting golden sparks that float upward toward the night sky.

Rovvigen beams!

(Beloran squirms slightly and twists his right hand. He carefully wiggles his fingers and works his hand out of the cord, careful to preserve the knot.)

Darbo nods approvingly.

Sadiyah says, “May all the love you to share carry you from this life into the next for many lives to come.”

Gwalina says, “If yous wants to pass its to me, I can put it in your cases.”

(Rovvigen removes the cord slightly not to unwoven the cord.)

Beloran says, “That was easier for Rovvigen. She tied my knot tighter.”

Cruxophim warmly states, “Congratulations, you two.”

Speaking to Beloran, Gwalina complains, “Yous wrists were biggers.”

Darbo gruffly says, “At least someone got handfasted at this Trine.”

Gwalina offers Rovvigen a white oak case carved with a pastoral motif.

Speaking to Cruxophim, Rovvigen says, “Thanks so much.”

Beloran begins chuckling at Gwalina!

Rovvigen accepts Gwalina’s white oak case.

Beloran agrees with Gwalina.

Beloran exclaims, “One wedding done, one more to go!”

Dirvy recites softly:

“To the happy couple.”

Panndoris recites:

“May the sun always shine on ye both
The wind always be at your backs
Nights be warm and safe
And love always abundant!”

Placing her hands upon her hips, Gwalina performs a quick heel-to-toe dance that ends with two high hops to the left.

Ordim lifts his drinking horn in a toast and proclaim:

“May your toe hair never tangle!”

Beloran exclaims, “That was most informative, and deeply appreciated!”