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New Meeting Hall Organization for Visual Arts Opens for Membership

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The new Meeting Hall Organization, Caeruil Atelier, which is based out of Ta’Illlistim, is making its first membership drive. It was founded to promote and enable the visual arts! See Ysaeril for more information.

Category: Meeting Hall Organizations (MHOs)Topic: New MHO Discussions, Intros, and Events

Date: 09/13/2018 05:23 PM PDT
Subj: New MHO: Caeruil Atelier
Details on joining will be released in the near future. Stay tuned!

Caeruil Atelier is an MHO founded in Imaerasta of 5118 by Ysaeril. The Atelier is based out of Ta’Illistim in the Elven Nations.

Purpose: Caeruil Atelier is a fine arts organization.

Mission: The Atelier aims to promote and enable the creative process of our members and provide public exposure to fine arts within Elanthia. Our focus lies in the higher visual arts realm, with media such as painting, drawing, sculpture, architecural splendor, and tapestry; we are not a fashion or theatrical house. Caeruil Atelier shall provide a supportive, yet critical community for artists to create and discuss their work, obtain feedback, and tune their technique through collective learning and mentorships between member artists. The Atelier shall also work to foster interest in the arts and improve visual literacy among the general population through public art classes, critical symposia on the aesthetics of art, gallery tours, and more. Members of Caeruil Atelier shall be responsible for coordinating both public and private activities based on demand and interest, with an expectation that all members contribute to at least one event per year, whether it be public or private.

In exchange, members shall have access to:

* Entry into art shows with opportunity to auction (space pending)
* Opportunities for member artists to create working relationships between masters and apprentices
* Closed-group working sessions including:
— Live models for portraiture, figure drawing, and sculpture
— Guided excursions into the wild for drawing and painting from life
— Peer reviewed critiques

Upon collection of sufficient capital, Caeruil Atelier shall secure a workshop with functional space for its members to create visual artwork, in addition to a professional gallery to showcase their works in rotation.

Membership is based on expressed interest in the arts with the desire to improve ones’ skill and promote the greater arts community. Members shall be required to contribute to at least one event per year.

IC/OOC note: Caeruil Atelier MHO is focused in in-game, in-character roleplay and artistry. We are not a platform for real-world/digital character portraits.