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Naos Announces Pawnshop Pricing Fix for F2P Characters

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GM Naos announces that there was an error in prices at the pawnshop for Free To Play characters, and that it’s been rectified. The 25% additional discount you were getting should have been a markup… ut oh!

Category: F2P Discussions
Topic: F2P Game Mechanics

Date: 04/03/2018 10:56 PM CDT
From: GS4-NAOS
Subj: F2P and Pawnshop Pricing
Hello, F2P folks. You will notice that the pricing on items purchased from pawnshops for F2P characters no longer comes with a significant discount. I fixed a bug tonight where an intended 25% increase in the price of items was in fact a 25% discount. Sorry about that.


Date: 04/05/2018 05:29 PM CDT
Subj: Re: F2P and Pawnshop Pricing