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Hendoran Outpost Expansion, May 2017

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Some of the Hendoran Outpost expansion has been completed and it now sports a new Pub, the Blue Phoenix, upstairs, a Tome Gallery, Laboratory off the Alchemy Lab, and more!. The Grand Magister has been busy…

Category: Towns
Topic: Wehnimer’s Landing

Date: 05/02/2017 01:49 AM CDT
Subj: Hendoran Outpost: Expanded!
Some initial expansion/renovations of the Hendoran Outpost have been completed.

I have opened up the second layer of the Outpost to the public. I may close up the second portcullis from time to time during specific events or specific situations, but I think it’s best served open to all at this time.

Newest Additions are:

* The Blue Phoenix Pub! – Located in the Outer Courtyard. Darts, drinks, food, a stage (you can GO stage), even a bartender who will answer questions about the TAVERN, his NAME, his SCARS, and the GROG.)

* Tome Gallery – Off of the Alchemist room upstairs. You can PULL a book, and WAVE and TOUCH the light orb. Maybe another secret in there too!

* Laboratory – Also off of the Alchemist room. Some colorful, yet interactive wards on the wall. And a door.

In addition, there’s some other fun things in the Outpost, that many might not have noticed due to the “limited” access most of the time. But since the Outpost is currently open to all, I’ll list some here as well.

* Rooftop – Rope to scale down to courtyard. Telescope. Ballista. Oil vat.

* North Ward/South Ward – Second floor. Ballista firing stations.

* Kitchen – Inside the tower. Lots of good stuff to eat and drink.

* Barracks – Dart board.

* War Room – Writable slate to add messages.

* Alchemist – Writable blackboard. Brazier to light a fire. Wash basin.

* Inner Courtyard – Archery targets and wooden training dummy. You can use bow/arrows to fire at the multiple targets. For the dummy, you can use the following commands: Clean, Kick, Slap, Tackle, Mock, Pound.

There’s a number of other little things, and some more rooms and secret areas in store, but you know, all will be revealed in time!…in Keeping up with the Kestrels!

-GM Kenstrom-
Waylayer of Wehnimer’s Landing
Human Guru

Strongest foe vanquished: Roblar

Date: 05/02/2017 03:03 AM CDT
Subj: Re: Hendoran Outpost: Expanded!
<<* War Room – Writable slate to add messages.>>

I would hope it’s a sanctuary.

– Xorus’ player

“Gentlemen! You can’t fight in here, this is the War Room!”

Date: 05/02/2017 06:50 AM CDT
Subj: Re: Hendoran Outpost: Expanded!
Rohese went wandering this morning to check out the Outpost she’d heard so much about. She now wishes she hadn’t …

[Outpost, Latrine]
The narrow interior of the building contains only a bench with several holes cut out along its length. A strong odor of lye and hay emanate from the holes with just the slightest scent of urine and feces. Discarded copies of a Wehnimer’s Landing newspaper lay within arm’s reach of the bench across the floor.

… she’s traumatised.

[I admit to finding it very amusing though.]

>>You slay me woman! ~ Wyrom'l

Date: 05/02/2017 06:55 AM CDT
Subj: Re: Hendoran Outpost: Expanded!
I managed to break the tavern already!
>get seed
You remove a handful of sunflower seeds from on a brass-railed countertop.

It didn’t let me “help yourself” to some, it just took them right off the bar! They are mine! All mine now!
I put them back on the countertop.

Wyrom says, “Ordim is the reason savants won’t be coded as well.”

Date: 05/02/2017 08:47 AM CDT
Subj: Re: Hendoran Outpost: Expanded!
It would be neat if some of these blackboards in different places, allowed for communication across far distances. (They’re really the same blackboard, just different manifestations of it.) Sure, I realize that LNet has largely obviated the need for this for many people, but I just like the idea of standing there writing back and forth on the blackboard with someone on Teras or in the Elven Nations.

Date: 05/02/2017 09:02 AM CDT
Subj: Re: Hendoran Outpost: Expanded!
“[Outpost, Latrine]” — Rohese

I am reminded of a line from “Destiny’s Shield”, by Eric Flint.
(David Drake wrote a prĂ©cis of “What would happen if the Byzantine general Belisarius had had Napoleanic-era weapons?” That became “The General” series, written by S.M. Stirling, where the hero is guided by a supercomputer to restore technology to a post-cataclysmic civilization. Flint turned it the other way around, and gave a supercomputer to the actual general Belisarius. This is book III of the latter series.)

General Belisarius is visiting the campsite of ~2000 captives he took, asking about the conditions. I just love the response. (I have seen latrines like this…)

“Crowded, crowded,” he grumbled. “One man uses another for a pillow, and yet another for a bed. Men wail in terror, entering the latrines. Leaving, they blubber like babes.”

Date: 05/02/2017 09:16 AM CDT
Subj: Re: Hendoran Outpost: Expanded!
Did this all come out last night?! Argh! I knew I’d regret going to bed early.

Can’t wait to check it out tonight.

Raelee and her Strings

>Speaking to Zyllah, Alyias says, “See? Raelee knows all.”


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