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GM Viduus Announces Paladin Spells Updates September 2018

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1/3 Magic Updates from GM Viduus: Paladin spells get updates. This update involves: Rejuvenation (1607), Aid The Fallen (1620), Beseech LOCATIONS, and Sanctify Weapon (1625). Details at the officials:

Category: GemStone IV Announcements
Topic: Important Announcements

Date: 09/12/2018 07:01 PM PDT
Subj: Paladin spell updates
The following spells have had some adjustments.

1607 – Added evoke option. Using evoke will restore health without triggering the stamina restoration/buff mechanic

1620 – Paladins that have unlocked the ability to use this spell on themselves while dead, will now be able to select the location they want to teleport to.

Beseech LOCATIONS to display teleport targets
Beseech <location> option for dead paladins

1625 – Sanctify Weapon

The spell infusion aspect of this spell has had a few improvements.

Create active/passive mode (BESEECH <weapon> ignite)

Allow sensing of currently infused spell + active/passive mode

Add generic CS bonus of Religion lore ranks up to .5 Scroll Use Ranks

Each Rank of Religion lore, up to 50 ranks, will add 1 additional point of generic CS for spells infused into a weapon. This bonus is limited to half of the paladin’s arcane symbols ranks.

Allow infusing multiple charges of spells from scrolls