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Giftboxes May 2018

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There is a GIFTBOX now available for subscribers (1 per paid accounts); they contain 2 account-bound orbs: a shimmering green orb (1.5x rpa) and a nexus quest orb that can be used for questing. Type GIFTBOX in game. GIFTBOX must be claimed by end of the month. See the Wiki for information about the QUEST NEXUS – and the following link for Mayhem Master Wyrom’s announcement on the officials:

Category: GemStone IV Announcements
Topic: Important Announcements

Date: 05/20/2018 11:32 AM CDT
Subj: GIFTBOX Availability
Due to the issues that happened during the the CCF run, we’re offering every paid subscriber a small gift. Simply type GIFTBOX to get started. The item delivered is a small container that has two items inside for you.

These are available until the end of the month (central time). They are limited to one per account.

Sorry for the issues and enjoy a free quest on us.

Wyrom, PM

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