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GM Haliste reminds you, you know who you are, that those yellowed marble-sized eggs can only be used at Ebon Gate. If you want to convert, you need to consume them before it closes on Oct 31st. She also says there’s no guarantee they will work the same next year.

Category: Paid Events: Adventures, Quests, and SimuCoins
Topic: Ebon Gate Festival

Date: 10/26/2017 08:22 PM CDT
Subj: a yellowed marble-sized egg
Head’s up! These eggs can only be consumed at Ebon Gate, Caligos Isle. Once Ebon Gate is over, you will not be able to convert or follow the warden’s path with them. At this time, converting to Ghezresh is available only at Ebon Gate.

In addition, there is no guarantee that the eggs will retain the same usage in subsequent years outside of converting.

~ Haliste ~
The Forest Gnome of Silverwood Manor
SGM, Events

Omrii: Okay, thanks Haliste. You’re way better than Wyrom.