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Dennet said to be training soldiers to raid Rooks

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Shinann writes to Marshall Thrayzar, letting him know Dennet is training soldiers to run raids on the Rooks. #UhOh

Category: Towns
Topic: Wehnimer’s Landing

Date: 02/19/2017 04:45 PM CST
From: N2PLAY
Subj: A Plain Piece of Parchment
Attention Town Marshall Thrayzar:

I am writing to inform you that Grand Magister Dennet is in the process of training soldiers, the goal being that they raid the tunnels under the town and go after the Rooks. I spoke with the Mayor and he said they didn’t have the authority to do so. I was told to notify you, which I am doing. I also would like to express my concern that the Imperials are again trying to overstep their bounds. While I hold no special love for the Rooks, unless we are directed otherwise, we will be forced to help defend and fight with the Rooks against the Imperial invasion of our town. Please direct on how to proceed. We obtained this information from his son, Cyph Dennet, so all we can do is take it as fact, in lieu of Sir Michol’s disappearance. I believe the Mayor is going to try to talk to Grand Magister Dennet, but the invasion of the tunnels could happen before he has the chance. While I have my suspicions about why they are undertaking this endeavor, it is only speculation on my part. We have never officially ended our truce working with the Rooks, to bring down Chaston. Thus, any militia shall be directed to fight against the Imperials, if this invasion takes place unless instructed otherwise.

Thank you,

Shinann Autura, Member of the Wehnimer’s Landing Militia


OOC: Since Thrayzar has been MIA, I can only assume he is being updated somehow, by birds being sent with messages, lurking around town or something. Even about Sir Michol. To be honest, I have forgotten where Thrayar is supposed to be! ::blush:: My bad. My IC answer is always, “He is on a private mission.”