From Wyrom on the Officials, 05/04/2020 06:08 pm:

I’m excited to announce the winners for both Prime and Platinum. We had nearly 500 unique character nominations, with thousands of nominations combined. We have three categories of winners for each instance.

-The top 5 who were nominated.
-The top 5 who received RPAs (not including orbs).
-The top nominator.

Each person (22 in total) will receive a 50-count Duskruin stamped voucher booklet, an attuned shimmering violet orb (4x RPA), and the postname title “the Insightful.” There will also be a group of golden kobold statues placed inside Hearthstone (Hearthstone, Rose Garden) to memorialize the contest. Be sure to examine it. GameMaster Tivvy and myself will seek out the winners and deliver the goods. There is no need to ASSIST, REPORT, direct message, email, or send smoke signals. If you won on a character you don’t log onto often, you can shoot GS4-TIVVY and SIMU-WYROM an email.

Without further ado, the winners.

Elphieya Valewyn
Faerinn Juleen
Akenna Jaynon
Rohese Thresher
Gespry Rosalie
Kobane Jaired
Arianiss Kaija
Roelon Rouste
Opalina Peckre
Mongonator Whick
Soliere Lirith




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