Plans for the month of May are now live!  Read Wyrom’s post below for all the details:

As “it’s gonna be May,” it’s time for a State of Elanthia update!

Our GS2020SPRING promo has brought back nearly 700 people, and we’ve been routinely seeing over 800 people logged into the game! Let’s shoot for over 1000 logged into the game in May!

We will be tallying up the RP contest numbers and announcing the winners during the first full week of May. Winners will receive a violet RPA orb, a 50-pack of Duskruin vouchers, and a unique title to this event. It’s been amazing to see all the nominations. ROLEPLAY NOMINATE will continue to function to alert staff to standout roleplaying, so keep up the nominations beyond this contest!

We have two more GIFTBOXes planned for May on the 6th and 20th. Make sure you claim your April 22nd GIFTBOX before the new one hits production!

We are extending the Mobile Smithy visits until the end of May.
– May 2nd and 3rd: Mist Harbor
– May 9th and 10th: Zul Logoth
– May 16th and 17th: Solhaven
– May 23rd and 24th: Cysaegir
– May 30th and 31st: Pinefar

We will be ending the Feeder Frenzy May 1st and the +15% experience on May 10th. Be sure to get your hunting in! The frenzy on May 1st will be supercharged!

On May 11th, we’ll be offering enhancive recharging via the Adventurer’s Guild for silver. This will be available until May 17h.

On May 18th, a daily activity will be available for a week. Details on this will be announced closer to its launch date, but it will involve a proverb.

We also have some plans for the last week of May, but we’re not quite ready to share them! Thank you for being in Elanthia these last 45 days! On behalf of all the game staff in GemStone IV, we appreciate the time you dedicate to our little game.



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