Plans for the month of April are now live!  Here’s the Forum Post from Wyrom:

March 31, 2020

From This Play.Net forum post

I wanted to get this out before April 1st, as we all know that Zelia is quite the trickster.

Our 15% increase to base experience, feeder frenzies Fridays, and WPS smithy on the weekends will still be going strong and running throughout April. Delirium Manor will continue to run until April 12th, plenty of interesting things still to find! During the month of March, we saw over 400 new accounts created and nearly 300 reactivations on our recent promo. Sunday, March 29th, we almost broke 900 online players and we’re routinely hitting over 700 nightly.

We’ll be kicking off April with a Roleplaying Contest and some updates to our Role Playing Award (RPA) system. Throughout the month of April, we will be tracking the ROLEPLAY NOMINATEs used and the RPAs received. Be sure to nominate any roleplay you see, whether it’s small exchanges or character-defining moments. We always recommend using ROLEPLAY NOMINATE during the session rather than the end, so staff can look in and witness, but the important part is getting out there and roleplaying more! RPAs that award a flat number of experience will be getting some much-needed updates. Our former flat RPAs awarded 100, 200, 300, and 400. This is being increased to 250, 500, 750, and 1000. Modifiers are also getting this treatment with offering more experience when awarded (the multipliers are remaining the same though). At the beginning of May, we’ll announce our winners. Winners will receive a violet RPA orb, a 50-pack of Duskruin vouchers, and a unique title to this event.

Beginning April 8th, we’ll be offering a new GIFTBOX every other week! Each GIFTBOX will contain a unique and specially made item as well as a few random goodies. You will only have roughly 14 days to claim each one before they’re gone for good and a new one is offered! We have this planned for April 8th, April 22, May 6th, and May 20th.

Rings of Lumnis will be running at the end of the month, more details on that to come.

We also have some other features coming down the pipeline for April. Keep an eye on this topic and on our socials for more details as they are available!

GemStone IV is doing their part at flattening the curve!

Wyrom, PM




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