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The Battle Begins Tomorrow At Noon!

Adventurers! The Battle of The Phoenix and The Serpent begins tomorrow at 12:00pm (ET). Make sure to bring your marker to Rumor Woods to take part in the festivities!

Whether you’re participating in the jousting tournament, hunting foxes, or just admiring the experience as a whole, you’re sure to have a rousing good time in Rumor Woods! And with so many exciting new items up for grabs, you aren’t going to want to miss out on the action.

New Items


Hearing of the coming commotion, merchants from all across Elanthia have set up shop in Rumor Woods, bringing with them rare and never before seen items.

Horses: Adventurers will finally be able to travel the Elanthian countrysides in style atop a faithful steed. Not only will horses themselves be for sale, but dozens of accessories (Saddles, Mane-Altering String & Ribbons, Branding Irons, Horse Hair Jewelry, etc.) will allow you to customize your companion as you see fit.

Stables: In order to accommodate these new companions, barns and stables are being built in every town, and will be available for purchase.

Surita: A new material used for runestaves! This wood has an inherited ability to give casters an increased chance to hit their target. The bonus will come in two varieties, lesser and greater. This new ability will not impact the runestaff to have another property, like flares or defensive bonuses, so stacking properties will very much be possible!

Weight Reduction: A new form of weight reduction will be offered at umor Woods that will not conflict with other special abilities or scripts on your containers!

Over a dozen new shops will be available with the debut of Rumor Woods!


The Action In Rumor Woods Starts Tomorrow At Noon
Are You Prepared For The Battle of The Phoenix and The Serpent?



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