The Rings of Lumnis Trials

Make your way to the Isle of Ornath and take in the view of this historical island from the Needle of Pentasbefore diving into the trials! Face thought-provoking puzzles and answer compelling trivia to earn Lumnis’ commendation.

Each of the five Rings of Lumnis offers unique challenges for you to solve! The five rings are Planar, Spiritual, Elemental, Chaos, and Order, and rewards from each will be tracked on a powerful relic that you’ll receive upon entry to The Needle. As you complete more trials, your relic will grow more powerful.

Planar Spiritual Elemental Chaos Order
Lumnis’ Enlightenment Lumnis’ Vigor Lumnis’ Fortitude Lumnis’ Divergence Lumnis’ Repose
Larger experience capacity. Instant absorption Adventurers’ Guild task performance boosts Randomly selects one of the other bonuses with a twist Extra bounty point rewards


To participate in the trials, you’ll need to obtain a scholar’s card in the SimuCoin Store. With the card in hand and the relic worn, you’ll be able to travel to Liabo to face the Rings of Lumnis. Use the command, QUEST TRANSPORT RINGS

Brush up on your Elanthian knowledge for an out of this world adventure.



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