After months of arduous preparation, Bloodriven Village is abuzz with excitement for Duskruin to return! The infamous Duskruin Arena has undergone several renovations, and brave adventurers across Elanthia are prepared for what will likely be the most intense Bloodgames yet.

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Here’s the GS email on opening day, Feb 7, 2020:

Duskruin Arena Is Calling You…

The citizens of Bloodriven Village can no longer contain their anticipation, as the intense Bloodgames are about to begin! Brave adventurers from all corners of Elanthia are invited to come test their might, skill, and cunning in what should be the most exciting Duskruin festivities of all time!

Updates to the Arena, Sewers, and Heists

Fan favorite Duskruin activities including fighting in the Arena, scouring the Sewers, and plundering riches in the Bank Heist will all be returning, but with a few quality of life changes.

  • Arena Updates: Giving BONUS bloodscrip for team matches!
  • Sewers Updates: More bloodscrip caches!
  • Heist Updates: Increased drop rates on blood crystals!

Updates to the High End Scrip Shop

Elanthian merchants are excited to announce a trove of wares both new and old for your browsing pleasure.

New Items

  • Mana-Infused Armor
  • Karma Armor
  • Mechanical Vambrances
  • NerveStaff Abilities
  • Additional Bubble Flare Potencies
  • True Sight Quiver
  • Spell Rank Enhancives
  • Sonic Gear Tuning Forks

Returning Items

  • Greater Undead and Extraplanar Banes
  • Coraesine Ores
  • Enchants
  • Low Steel
  • …and many more scrip shop favorites!


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